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I like any type of genre. But I care most about is the storylines.

I mostly draw straight couples. There's a lot of BL and yaoi stories on SJ. SJ doesn't need anymore contributions from me.
Good to see you're back! How was your break?
WOOOH! VACATION!!! Have fun! :D
Oh no... poor Brittany. Her death was inevitable but still very sad. :(

When he said "They wouldn't be able to carve her up for sale." What did he mean? Did he burn her body up?
A small typo, in the second panel. "Out" would be "Our". ^^;

Just to let you know. I feel that you had a few run-on sentences but... it matches her telling the story. =)
I like the guy who's paranoid... :D!!
We, humans, are too curious that we mess up everything! Lol.
What's his name? :3
August 25th, 2008
he has big nipples.. o.o
June 18th, 2008
Lol, it's fine. Mei's hair can be whichever color since Mei has a constant liking to dyeing her hair.

Mad: That's so cute! xD And you're fine with Mei. :D Overall, Chokoropo is so cute~!! xD
He's very cute.. :D Aww...
June 16th, 2008
May the best girl win Takeshi!! D:

-huggles back-

I should start bringing out more guy characters.. there's so many cute girls.. D:
Ahahah, thanks. It took me a few tries to get his face a bit older.. some reason I kept making him look younger. T^T I'm glad you like him. :D
June 16th, 2008
Oh my.. I set my eyes on Takeshi already. D:

There's gonna be some rivalry!! D:!
Aww.. Takeshi is telling Mei to GTFO out of the restaurant.. TT^TT He's so mean. Lol. I made him hesitate saying that to Mei cause he has... bad people skills? D:
Edit: Oh and yeah.. he's trying to keep his job too.

And what's Mei looking at?!

Got a little something up! Only two pages but I'm still working on it.. :D

This is where Mei meets Takeshi at work!

I wonder what Mei is thinking about.. D:
Mei Hyung - Colored
Yes, this is how Mei Hyung looks like. Usually. Her eyes are the natural color cause I haven't made a character with dual-colored eyes before so I thought I make her one. Also, she usually changes her hair color every other month. So next month, it would be black. Hmm.. Yes... and the ribbon is significant to her as well. I'll place up a comic about it soon. I'm making "Mei Hyung's Past" pages as we speak.... in my mind. :D

Anyways, hope you like. I'm not so great at coloring, but this is as good as I can come up with in one day. Gotta go make those other pages with Mei and Takeshi.
June 15th, 2008
Omg, cute.. I'm gonna make a comic now.. :D

And I still gotta add more people into the profiles... xD You guys are killing me with the extra people! Lol.

Edit: Yosh, mind if I interact Mei with Takeshi? This should be interesting.. and I would like to ask you, how would you like for Takeshi to interact with Mei?
Thank you Appendagechild for your correction. :)
Mint and Cotton Candy(I think that's a candy right?)
Ah yeah... I couldn't get into this because I was busy with school work. No shading... maybe later. x///x;;
March 14th, 2008
Really cute, I love the look and expressions of Takuya.. xD
March 13th, 2008
Bewaresss... of de hormones~!!1