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So, I don't think anyone does but if you check out my profile, I'd be thankful if you would check out the story I'm working on:
It's a BL story that hopefully I'll turn into comics when I learn to draw properly. So yeah :'3 Hit me up if you do, I wanna know what you think. <3 *hugs you*

I'm a writer who likes fiction, BL, yaoi, adventures, mystery, romance, at times murder (when it's not a character I love T_T), pokemon, digimon, comics, webcomics... I like a lot of stuff (except interacting facetime with people.. or getting calls. I hate talking on the phone). Cats, dogs, cats, dogs, both, food <3

^ Addicted to writing long and meaningless paragraphs on my spare time.

My current Avatar is made by someone who I can't find, so if you know the source please let me know, I just didn't find any cuter pics in my pc and was getting bored of the other ones I had...
August 3rd, 2017
Pears over girls, amirite?
Believe it or not...
this colored version is better than the no-color version. This is page 1 of the "Fever & Darkness" story arc. I will get better at drawing, I promise (and coloring and shading).

Also, I'm posting the dialogue notes from the story arc (which I've done so far, so it's not 100% complete and it's subject to changes) if you're interested in knowing what'll happen next. If you're not, gonna have to wait a while...


Anyway, that's it for today so thanks for your support (just mildly getting interested is enough <3 )
@TacoMisaki (SuperBatachuEvan): Oh my Arceus! Thank you so so much! I love your SuperBatachu picture, so super adorbs!
@Marzipanda: Well, I just posted a plain text smol story of how he met his boyfriend, hope you like it! Thanks for your support :D
Hope you're still interested T_T
@KimmyChii: Sorry it took me a while to reply, I wanted to finish the page and then be like "Bam! Here it goes!" But I couldn't T_T

I posted a smol story of how he met his boyfriend (just plain text) which I hope you like.
In case you like to read...
Given how it's really hard for me to draw, but easy for me to write, while I finish outlining and coloring the first page I decided to formally introduce one of the main characters: Rai Mikado.

- Age: 19
- Sign: Pyroar
- Birthday: July 26th
- Sexuality: Demisexual
- Relationship: Non-formally committed to Aki
- Likes: Adventures, jokes, studying
- Dislikes: Fighting, silence, ninja ghosts

Also, I want to share with you their backstory together in text format. Because in the comic I want to focus more on their adventures together I don't want to do much flashbacks or showcase how they met and such. So, if you're interested I'm sharing a google doc file which contains the following:

* 1 full page of Rai Mikado's 'trivia' and backstory
* 3 1/2 pages of Rai and Aki's first meet cute: "The Meeting"
* 2 pages of Page One of the webcomic evolution. These are just rough sketches and as how I'm progressing, expect the page to look way better. (Contains the full dialogue of Page 1, if you want spoilers or nah)

~Click here if you want to read them!~

Also, when I release page 1, I'll post the rough script for the first story arc for those who like "spoilers" and are curious to know if this story is going somewhere or is doomed to fail or doesn't fulfill your expectations. I'll finish it anyway, but I'd love your input as well. Feedback is my best chance at improving and I'd really appreciate it.

Okay, so, I guess, that's it. I'm just so excited!!! When I learn to draw and color faster I'll post more continuous pages, for the while, please bear with me! T_T Thank you all for your interest!
Too excited!
I'm a huge fan of a lot of BLs in here, such as Mccull's "Arco" and "TME" series, or "Breaks", or... well, the list is huge! So, for a while I've been stuggling over not being able to draw and color myself, because I'm just a writer. But I decided that was no excuse not to do it! So, I got my hands on it and I did it!

Page 1 is coming this week, with enough luck page 2 as well. As well as character introductions! I was going to wait until I had a bunch to post, but I got too excited that I just posted it in a rush...

I'm barely learning to draw... so don't expect beautiful drawings... but instead a really good story (with guys kissing) and decent drawings. Not bad, but not truly good either... *sigh* I made this comment too wordy... I'm just so excited! (Hopefully someone reads this or sees the drawing... holla if you do and thanks!)
November 26th, 2015
Literally every plan made by Eliza is doomed to fail from the beginning, Bri warns about it and yet it all goes downhill. I hope Jessie never notices the pattern... if he stops listening to Eliza then everything will be good and that's not how it's supposed to be lol
Reminder + Warning: DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT watch "Jessica Jones" (Netflix) with that third panel (of this page) at the same time.
I enjoyed this fucking page. Lol

But, really, what's your real name? (Your man name). I hate how people think being a trasgender is just a person who was misled, abused or confused. Trans people are aware of who they are. It's trans aware week, and in a lesser scale Tinah is a transcat, and she's so adorbs! I guess what my rambling is trying to say is screw anyone who doesn't understand you, and fuck them! Once you get your dick they can go suck on it! And kudos to your mom for acknowledging you as her son, reminds me of my mom. Some moms are great, we were lucky. #DontForget <3

Pd. As a born-cis-guy, once you get your willy try not to overuse it. It's fun and addictive, but fragile and easy to hurt. I do hope by mere miracle the process is sped up for you to enjoy the wonders of being a dingler :3 <3
That yellow box comment... too soon...
We all secretly wanted it to be George
@mew: If there's a prize for rotten judgment, I think I've already won that. No man is worth the aggraviation, that's ancient history. Been there, done that!
I don't know which magical prowess your new tablet has, but since you got it your art looks so much more beautiful than it was before. Don't take me wrong, I've always loved it, since the first pages of TME, but since the new tablet, the lines look more defined, the shadings, maybe it's just me...
Raise your hand if you're not Callum's ex ._./ anyone else?
September 28th, 2015
Beer is always the password. Or vodka, tequila, whisky. 'Rum' is the password to GTFO though.
How naive can Avery be to still not notice that no one cares for what Callum wants?
September 27th, 2015
WAS, remember it. WAS.
*ahem* *puts British accent on*
William, dear, please take your insolent bloody words away from my Avery, he is too sweet and a bit of a commoner to have to put up with such a demeaning attitude from you. He has his older brother for that.

September 27th, 2015
I swear to god I wanna be Ramsy's groupie. He's so tall and has that je ne sais quoi that makes me wet (get it? It was a kelpie pun, don't think nasty).

That harpy nailed the Pearl glare, like, it looks like an AU of Pearl staring at Greg. And that background guy in the third panel, is he half-naked? (Because he's wearing a tie to keep it fancy). mean, this page is so cool!

Pd. You NAILED the guitar! 10/10 would buy it if I saw it in a music shop.

Brain: Okay time to buy a guitar!
Me: But I don't know how to play a guitar!
Brain: You gonna!!! ;)))

(Is it too obvious I'm nervous for what'll happen soon with Flynn's master plan?)