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Thanks for the comments guys :] I see some familiar names, which is cool :D
xkrazydog: Soccer?! Soccer is such a tiring game. And I once had a bad experience with soccer. Let's just say that when I was younger, balls were my one of my top ten fears.
My brother once dressed up like this for Halloween. His tummy peeked out from the shirt. He was a chubby kid. A chubby kid who kept giggling while we walked from house to house.
So yea, guess I'm back lol. I'm just going to make some minor changes to the story, because what I had in mind before was lame. Not sure if I'll go back and re-do some pages.

CHANGES: I'm going to remove the "Ma'am" lady. She just makes it complicated and she's not that interesting. I'll let you be creative with how she dies.

I got a new computer, so I don't have any of the fonts or textures from my old computer. There will be a change of style, sorry I just can't regress in my drawing style :\. Thanks for the support all this time :D
Ehhh...I feel rather unsatisfied with this page :\ The 2nd panel looks out of place XD;;

Anyway, I'm still here. Just been really busy with my schoolwork XD

Thanks for all the comments :]
Oh! I know what they are! One is the bad twin and the other is the good twin :D

It's still hard for me to tell which one is bad and which one is good though.

otoru-onii- O_O. Thanks :]

xkraxydog- WRONG >:D!!! That's not Adam, LOL XD I tried to make her back feminine, oh wells.

clorinspats- Same with me >_>. They laugh at me when I tell them it hurts...


Bakagurl- And her day will just get better and better :D

zebaby- XD

Maria-Minamino- I know, perfect timing for Sophie ;]

BellaMai- Well, I did laugh at the video of Romeo and Juliet. That was in the 9th grade and there was a scene of Rom's naked butt...I was like, "TEEHEE, BUTT"

churamai- Thank0rz :P

Murraytza- LOL, don't they? XD

Moccha- I would do the same too :3

Essency- Nope, I have the same problem, too >:\

Berry Philiac- Pfft, eyes like that are typical of a stressed out emotional teen.

Hikaru- LOL O_O. I was always the quiet type in school, so those kinds of outbursts never happened to me XD

mikiki- :]

MissThong- Eeekkk, I think your way is even more ticklish XD

gimblyz- LOL BUDDHA!!! XD
Yea, she's saying it's OK to them, but in her head...She's probably ripping the guy apart. I would know, I'm the same type >:D

Is that Jack behind Randy? Am I guessing the characters correctly? XD; That ominous figure in the background looks like he's about to do something real dramatic *_*
Just 2 more weeks of school, then it's break X]

Introducing...a new character :D;;;...I need to make a page with all the chars on it XD;;;
Crimson_Fire: Most of them are in their late 'teens :]
February 28th, 2008
LOL. Xin is just freaking out without Bailey. He's going to bite Skye's head off :D
I feel like the first panels are very...plain? It seems like it's missing something >_<.

But, yea...Sophie wasn't thinking when she decided to confess...Confess on a Friday so you at least have two days to get over it >_>
Thanks, guys~~ I really do appreciate your support and patience ;v;~ <3
February 21st, 2008
LOL, now she's making excuses for Jack?! She's such a hypocrite XD

Who's a bad friend? Tracy? O_O
Oohh...I wonder what the problem is? And I'm still wondering who these two people are! XD

Feb 18 is my boyfriend's and me 3rd year anniversary :]

Hmm...Xin and Bailey's eyes are closed? Waiting for Sky to kiss them perhaps? XD
February 6th, 2008
Ahhh, Xin is so cute, freaking out over Bailey...

Why is Bailey laughing so nervously? She's hiding something >:|
February 6th, 2008
Nooo, Tracy chickened out XD

Tracy's imagination of Jack isn't that scary >_>. He looks like he's ready to dance >_>...
Yea, this is just to let you guys know that the comic is still active, it's just that I've been procrastinating on my homework lately so I couldn't work on this page. I was stuck on what to put in this page, too @_@.

PS~ I'm not sure if I'll be able to respond to comments either, sorry T_T. Thanks for all the comments~~~

Cool O_O~~~ So this new problem involves smiley faces. The total opposite of the problem before it LOL.