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Kindred Sun
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    Jamie Camille & Margot Jane
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The main site was down for a little while, because it was transferring to a new domain name! Please head to for more pages, characters bios, and extras! :D
Finally we've reached the end of our comic! Wasn't that great, that ending there? We're really proud of ourselves. We've learned alot through this process, but it's time to put our pencils down, and never, ever make comics again. Thanks for all your support! You guys have been great. JAIME AND MARGOT OUT.

(in other news, happy april 1st lovelies <3)
We'll have two new pages for you this weekend! One today, and we're finishing up the next one riiiiight now :3
Kindred Sun
January 26th, 2016
Hey guys!

This comic is on Tapastic too, if any of you have an account over there. I'll still be updating it here, but it's more sporadic- I like how Tapastic works better, and I like how it's more interactive- I like hearing from you guys!
So please subscribe there if you want, and drop a line <3
New page! Sorry, got a week out of sync with Christmas. I hope everyone had their Happy Holidays, and I hope everyone is enjoying the comic so far :3
Kindred Sun
December 13th, 2015
Sorry we're late!>_< Been having some medical problems. Still enjoying drawing it, but forgetting to add it to the mirror sites :(
Kindred Sun
November 27th, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope everyone who celebrated had a Happy Thanksgiving! :3
Kindred Sun
October 30th, 2015
Happy Halloween!!
So, we uploaded it on our main website yesterday, and then went to a Halloween party, and forgot to add it here >_< So it wasn't a day late, but it was. Sorry!
But we're now 10 pages in! DOUBLE DIGITS!! :D
Kindred Sun
October 15th, 2015
New page up!
....Gosh crowd scenes are a pain. >_<
I like your art style. It's cute :D