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October 1st, 2017
@Kique7: I can only imagine how frustrating that can be. Though, people have many different opinions and even I have made some comments about the things I didn't like/didn't understand. And those were often made prematurely because they were about Roamer and Kargo's relationship not having any conflicts, but that has happened now. I don't really know what the comment(s) you deleted were about, but I personally love the armour. It's very cool and adds a nice touch to these advanced dogs. Honestly, I'd probably be asking for them to have armour, if they didn't because it's been stated that they are advanced! Anyhow, I love your comics and I see so much growth in Home from Asmundr. Comic-making takes time, we shouldn't expect anyone I have a perfect comic when they don't do it for a profession and when they only do it for their own enjoyment. Keep working, I look forwards to Saturdays so much because of this comic and I can't wait to see how the other characters are fairing! C:
September 9th, 2017
@Gryffindor: I'm thinking Fuss might be her Baron :0
September 9th, 2017
@Shichibi: That's a good point. Though, you could also take it as Fuss wanting Ronja to prove that she is loyal to the MT (and earn the trust of the other members) so he wants her to deal with this on her own terms. C:
@Oblivion-Wing01: Oh, don't worry I didn't think that you were! I hope I didn't come off as rude as I was only trying to state my opinion in a mature matter. Apologies if I sounded rude! I truly didn't mean to. C:
@Oblivion-Wing01: I think that most people do understand this, but we just don't want it to happen. That's how it is for me, at least. As someone who has read Warriors, I can say that the whole forbidden romance/against the rules thing is so over-used. I've seen it being used so many times (and not just in the Warriors books) and most of the time it isn't even portrayed well... It's usually some "one night and we're in love" plot and that isn't real. I'd want a real, developed romance, not the cliché.
Also saying that, my personal preference would be for Axilyah to be loyal to her guild and not break the rules, I see her as that type of character and I hope that she is that type of character.
Axilyah x Fjordor
How are people already shipping Axilyah and Fjordor?? XD

Guys, think about this.. Fjordor has been alone for however long and the guild checks up on the tribes I think it's once a year (?). So, he's obviously happy to see a familiar face. Even though he has Kargo and co. with him now, they are strangers, that's barely any company for a lonely soul. I can only imagine how happy and joyful he would be to see a familiar face, to be able to actually match a name to a face, despite only seeing Axilyah every now and then.
But, just because he's happy and hugging Axilyah doesn't mean they will become a couple. Like, they have only interacted for two panels! Also, the guild aren't allowed to have mates.
On the map it seems as if the guild is coming to see Fjordr & co.
Also, if you look on the map, it seems as if Ranach is almost back with the MT ;-;
This is slightly off topic of this page, but I've just checked the map and the Asmundr pack's new territory is right by the place labelled "Emerald Realm". Ever since I saw this place on the map, from the very beginning, I wanted to see what it looks like. I think we all may be able to with Kierr and Aira going to find the Asmundr pack. It seems likely that they would travel through it on their journey.
Also, to me, the Emerald Realm seems like it would be this beautiful, eye-catching land with brilliant green grass and luscious trees surround the large meadow, but there would be a hidden darkness. Because the name Emerald Realm, when you first hear it, sounds like utopia, but then, once you think about it, the "Realm" part of the name seems foreshadowing and dangerous. I can already imagine Kierr and Aira coming across this place and looking out at the serene place from the trees.
Maybe that's just me, but I truly hope that Kierr and Aira come across this new land and I would love to see how they deal with the theoretical hidden darkness, if there is one in the Emerald Realm.
okay everyone... Can we just appreciate how much work Johanne/Kique puts into this comic? Like the detail is amazing and everything is so accurate. Like, look on the second to last panel... Look at Kierr's knife... You can see the fire reflected in it!! It is truly astonishing
February 10th, 2017
@sKIMERAs: Okay.. So I hate to jump in here randomly, but you did say one thing that I disagree with.. Before I go into it, I'd like to say that I don't mean to start drama and if this comes to an argument, I won't reply anymore and drag on an unnecessary conflict.

"Maybe this comes from a generation of people who have only physical and superficial relationships, not caring about the feelings of others. A generation of selfish."

Alright, so, I just thought that it wasn't the proper way to state this, by calling the entirety of a generation selfish. Though I do agree that many, many people ship way too easily and don't take into consideration, those who could just be friends, but most of them do it for thier own enjoyment. I, personally, do ship characters, though I don't say anything. But, I do it within reason. For example, I only want Ferah and Rogio to stay friends, though some may ship them and I also find it ridiculous that Ferah had jumped to trusting this dog/jarl whom she just met and who had a knife to her throat a few moments ago. But, that is my opinion.
Some people who read this comic may be quite young, so they have not yet had a serious relationship, they don't know what true commitment is. But, that's not to say that they don't care.. Or that they are selfish. And some people see this comic as fiction, as it is, it isn't real, these characters don't actually exist, so maybe some unusual relationships can take place.
People ship for the fun of it, some people, like myself, ship just to make a theory of what could happen in the future of the comic/show/movie/book. Relationships can easily cause conflict to a story line, they are a major part of any story, no matter if they are romantic relationships, hate relationships or friendships.
I'd say.. Just let people have their own opinions. Those who get angry if their ship doesn't work out, should just enjoy the comic/show/movie/book. C:

Thank you for reading.
January 4th, 2017
Okay, so... Kierr is kinda being rude in this page :| ... Like I understand he wants to return to his pack, but he kinda just up and left. And, while I don't agree with Aira's actions I don't think he should've gotten that mad.. Like, she's obviously sad. But, also, I noticed that in this page and the last, he's been treating Aira as if she's way younger than him.. Well at least I see it that way...
December 11th, 2016
@Nora-Okami: Oh no! I'm sorry, I just swear that I've seen multiple people purposefully spell 'Ranach' as 'Raunch' and to me, it made no sense. And the other comment just made me laugh for thier last few words.
I swear, I wasn't trying to be mean, I'm sorry if you took offence, I just don't understand why people would give a character an odd nickname with no significance to the story or anything clever about it.
Sorry again!
December 11th, 2016
@felahr: oh my.... I laughed a little too much at your comment Cx

But, why do people call him Raunch...? It isn't even clever?? Like, why not Ranch?
December 10th, 2016
@corruptangel: Ah, yes... Sorry, I haven't read Asmundr in a while.
And I agree with what you said as well. C:
December 10th, 2016
@Nokturnal Rift: About Niita... So, in my mind, this is what I thought of how Niita was jealous about Kainan being with/liking another female. Although, he had told her she was like a sister to him, she had still been in love with him for pretty much all of her life. You can't just turn love off, so, even when she was rejected, she still liked/loved Kainan in that way. Also, at the beginning, when the males go to (sorry, I forget the name of the place) to hunt until the spring, to earn their spots in the pack. Before the males leave, Kainan and Niita have a conversation and she's like, "You'll remember me when you return in spring, right?" and Kainan says "yes" (or something along those lines). So.. Niita was lead on, which gave her hope and made her believe that Kainan felt the same way. So, to me, I can understand why she continued with her feelings towards him.
Has Rhov been taken as well? If so, he and Jahla are seperated D:
November 28th, 2016
@Maus: I agree. Like, they've been friends since Roamer was a pup, and now he doesn't even seem worried that she's 'missing'... I don't know, I feel like they should have a little more emotion between them..
November 19th, 2016
@Kylor: they were just joking (I believe)... One little comment isn't something to fight about..

On another note.. I really hope they help Rogio, because I don't really want to think what'll happen to him if he doesn't escape.
November 12th, 2016
@Tokusa: Alright, I get it. Everyone has different views on it. Our views are just different.. I believe everything I said before and I'm not jumping to hate Ronja, I'm still gonna give her a chance. I don't care if you think differently... No need to get angry/annoyed at me for stating my opinion.
November 11th, 2016
@Tokusa: I don't think Ronja was desperate.. I think that she did fall in love with Ranach. Sure, it was her being upset about Roamer that led her to Ranach, but she did fall in love with him... because he manipulated her into thinking that he was good and that he wanted to help, remember? He said he wanted to help Roamer from Kargo and Ferah because Ronja cared for Roamer, when all he wanted was to capture Kargo and Ferah.
So, sure there was differences between Life and Ranulfr and Ranach and Ronja, but they both fell in love with 'the bad guy'.
And I think that Ronja is now too scared to challenge Ranach, that's why she hasn't questioned it. I think she is also scared of what her pack will think, that they'll think she betrayed them. So, she's just scared and she doesn't know what to do. So, she doesn't question Ranach (about where he goes at night or about how he leads) and she doesn't try to escape because she is scared to face her pack.