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You guys make me laugh. :'D
Oh my.

Don't those stockings look a little familiar...?

Thank you for the comments on the earlier pages. They keep me motivated! <3
Page 17
I'm sorry I'm late with this one. I've been meaning to post it, but kept forgetting all the time.

Well well, then what killed the couple...?
Page 16
Here we go again. Fei seems to have hit a bit of a sensitive spot there.

I apologize for the lack of background. I just can't be assed.
...I'm laaaaate~

Sorry, it's already half an hour into Thursday in my country. I usually like to post these in the late evening because that's when the rest of the world is active, but, ahem, I forgot.

Here's your page though. Seems like Fei hasn't quite forgotten lord Saito just yet.

(I'm disappointed in the lack of comments. Sniff, sad comic-artist be me.)
Page 14.
Uh oh. Guess they shouldn't have left the apple-gardeners alone, huh?

I'm going to have the next page up on Wednesday, so check back then! And before then, please do leave a comment.<3
Page 13.
Things will finally start happening again. I'm sorry to have bored you with such a long while of just talking.

I'm on track again, too. I have a few pages done in advance and I'm hoping to be able to keep my updates at one or two a week.
I know I haven't been very deserving of it, but I'd really love a comment or two on this one. They're very motivating, as you know. :)
Another page.
Here's another page, a bit quicker.

This scene is an important one, but was so painfully boring to draw... Every line was like a stab.

Not really. But I'll be glad to get to draw something other than talking heads.

Comment? :]
That's awesome so far! I'm not absolutely sure what's going on - but I suppose we'll soon find out!
...Remember me? It's me! That girl who never updates her webcomic!

Once again, I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry.
December 23rd, 2008
Here's a Christmas page for you instead. I'm sorry it looks a bit rushed.

Check out my terrible Christmas-sketch on the previous page if you want - and again, Happy Holidays!

EDIT: One fan lost. Ouch - that'll teach me!
December 23rd, 2008
Well, uh...
...I don't even have any excuses left. :( I'm so sorry. I'm a failure of a webcomic-artist.

I don't have access to my scanner over christmas, so I'm afraid all you can get is this two-minute sketch of Rush and Soraai. Merry Christmas! Eat a lot and enjoy the vacation. <3
November 7th, 2008
See, here I was planning to update frequently and efficiently to prevent boring you people... But whoosh, time passes by so fast!

But here's your new page, and I have two more waiting to be finished. The banner is new, too.

Also, my dear friend Leon made the main characters of Aoki - in Soul Calibur! Go check them out in the Fanart-section in the Gallery.
October 13th, 2008
Page 8
...Finally up! Thanks for your patience.

Fei is finally talking again, and yes, Coursers need to eat, too!

I'm working on a new banner, because the old one is just... Old. The Cast-section needs new portraits too, since I'm not at all happy with the art of the current ones. So, expect to see a little bit of a makeover soon-ish. <3

EDIT: I noticed there to be a bit of confusion with the panels (I messed them up a bit.) So, it is supposed to be read: "how pretty" ---> "Feeding the coursers" ---> "You can't do that" and THEN--> "Are you sure this is all right?" ^^
October 8th, 2008
So I did as Leon suggested - re-installed the damn thing. :D Layers working again, Waribiki drawing again...

Have a sneak-peek of the upcoming page while you wait. <3 thanks for your patience.
September 10th, 2008
Hello, I think you have an adorable style, and the story's theme is very interesting. <3 Keep up the good work!
September 9th, 2008
An apple garden? What interesting could a Stable Master, an ex-bodyguard and a soldier find in an Apple Garden?

Getting somewhere... ^^ I'm relatively happy with this page. The only part I really don't like is the second panel and the hilarious stick-Fei and Stick-Ryo. Haha, oh well. I hope you like it! <3

I also added "Insane stocking-freak" to the "Cast"-section.
August 27th, 2008
I underestimated the space needed for babbling, AGAIN, and so... Very crowded page. I hope you still like it.

There's a little bit of tension between the guys. Wonder why that might be? (And Ryo, that is a very uncharacteristic smile.)
August 24th, 2008
What a happy little group they are! ^^;

Thank you for your comments on the earlier page. <3 Keep checking back.
ONE comment on the last page? Tsk! (Ahem)

I'm going on a little trip now, will be back on wednesday, and on thursday perhaps you get another page. ^^

Poof indeed. Apparently she was either a real Demon or a magician with poof-powers.