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Um...I'm a gamer. But you call me a weeaboo, or westaboo...we're gonna have problems.
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Silver Vs. Gamer...
@TheSilverLeague: Okay, I understand the Rock typing, Sapphire could take the team out easily. But what I don't get is WHY ISN'T IT A CRANIDOS?! Yeah, both Sapphire and Athena are evolved, but what about your starter?!
About Milly.
Silver, do you picture Miltank with a deep voice? 'Cause I think of her as the bruiser type with a deep voice. You know?
Quick Note, bro;
@TheSilverLeague: So, uh, I checked Feebas' moveset and I missed the part where he/she could learn ELECTRIC TYPE MOVES! Scald, yeah, but THUNDER SHOCK?! Yeah, no. It's funny, but not logical.