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Mister Bane
Hello, my name is Warren. I am really timid in real life and online. For as long as I can remember, I have been wanting to make comics.
For right now, even though I write plenty of comics by hand, I find it quite difficult to draw them out digitally. I hope that I can be able to publish one comic that I have in mind here!
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It was Kind of Out of Nowhere
Okay, so let me explain what happened as best as I can. One day my computer restarted itself by force and suddenly my computer put itself through a random hating me phase? My internet would not work and all of my programs became wonky. I would keep restarting things over and over again.
Today it is suddenly working, so I am happy about that! However my computer wants another update thing... God. Computers are a pain in the butt.
Mister Bane
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September 4th, 2017
Man, yesterday was such a tiresome day. I was busy recovering from my Summer flu, and OH BOY I slept and slept, and kept on doing that until it was six in the evening, and when I needed to sleep I could not really do that so I read the new Archie comics instead.
It's pretty fun! At first I was not fond of the idea of doing making Archie more up to the times, but it turned out pretty fun!
Sorry I did not draw a page yesterday! I was feeling sick throughout the day. Though I will say that I was feeling that way while drawing this page, too but I figured that toughing out and doing this is better then doing nothing at all!
Besides, this is not a big deal for me to draw a page, haha
I was planning on Jay and Morgo to wear uniforms, but kind of decided not to do so at the last minute.
Before I could add the page, Smackjeeves went ahead and said that the page was already added? How does that work?? I have no idea.
All right, I think that this might be my last page for the day. I don't want to keep drawing and get burnt out before it is too late! I want my art to be at it's best when I am showing this to you all.
I made two pages today, and I am feeling pretty good about how everything that I have made. It's pretty shocking since I have not had this feeling in a long time.
I drew this in fifteen minutes because I was bored and I wanted to retrace my older art style for fun, and I am really happy with the result of it! I will update the next page tomorrow, and I will draw background for them, haha
Oh boy... Happy birthday to me!! Also, a funny thing, my real name is Bailey and when I wear glasses I look just like him! I thought that was a little funny and I wanted to let you know~
Mister Bane
October 4th, 2016
Mister Bane
September 4th, 2016
It's great to see this comic back up! It's pretty rare to see WLW story on this site, and this was one of my favourites on here!
I hope that your life is looking better now than it has been the past months.
This was honestly the sweetest sex scene I have read in a long time.
Getting a little frisky in the woods, oh my!
I'm so Proud of You!
Oh my goodness! Sorry I haven't written anything to you in song long, but I have been keeping up with everything and what can I say? Well, you're amazing for one! You've put so much work into this story, it's wonderful to see that you have so many people who are kind and give you words of encouragement.
You really deserve all of the phrase you have been given because not only was this story beautiful, you- YOU have changed so much while making this. To see how much you improved and how much you cared for each and every word that was written to you by your fans, it's admirable.
Honestly, it seems like it was only yesterday when I bumped into this story to only find that it's been a YEAR. It's been almost a year and a half since you started posting your story and I love that so many people enjoyed it!
Wow, I feel like I am repeating myself a little and I am sure that you do not want that, ahaha...
Your characters, they're wonderful. Aaron and June are going to be two characters that I will never forget and I am sure that I am going to re-read this story a lot more. Not like I haven't since I have read this comic SO MANY TIMES from start to finish.
I think what differs you from most writers these days is the fact that you put so much love into this story. You were (are) kind, and you seemed like you loved everything you did...
All I have to say is wow.
The start was silly and I loved the silliness of it, then it became heartbreaking, then loving, now... The ending brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you so much for putting hours on end writing all of this. Thank you for putting so much care into this. Thank you, just thank you for showing your art.
It was a wonderful journey!
I missed your art and style so muuuucch! It's great seeing you make comics on here again, and I hope to see more!
Take all of the time you need! You shouldn't worry about taking a lot of time while creating your story because every page counts!
Seeing an update is always wonderful too, no matter how long it takes.
OOoooooooOOOOoooh.... This isn't going to end well. Ooooh boy.
Mister Bane
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February 12th, 2016
Oh my God, that poor guy who spilled coffee all over himself...
I wonder how that happened to him, I also wonder how hot that coffee was since he looks like he might have recently got it.
Did he just call him 'Bum'? If that is the case, that is really cuuuuuttteee <3
Mister Bane
November 21st, 2015