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I luuuuv comics, i love you smackjeeves.
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And this is why I read only yaoi manga now and not bl webtoons.
This kind of rapey stuff does not sit well with me. I do like the other couple though. Because it's consensual. Non-con is such a turn-off.
@k3trina28: Well that must be because it is LITERALLY rape. Like it's pretty much the definition of rape. And no, I don't like it either just as anyone who has morals and empathy.
Holy fuck after I think about a year or two these two are finally gone have some action again. God yes.
When the author speaks through one of their characters and it's really really obvious.
It's not relevant? Don't tell me that smexy guy is a virgin. No way.
People, you need to realize Kimrick is a goddamn cowboy and might have views that aren't as PC as y'all would like. He's allowed to have his own opinions about sex and stuff. Yes, he could have been more polite about it but that's Kimrick for you.
November 27th, 2016
'oh ok love' wow go take some therapy, someones daddy or mommy obviously hurt them because that's the only reason you would accept a relationship like that. Low self worth.
Wooaa the first two panels I was like 'uh noo, pls be safe' but the last two panels I was like O.O Really makes you feel like he is the monster among monsters, I'm so curious to see how he will develop.
Don't worry about being slow, better to be slow and finish than go too fast and be forced to quit the comic.
Also, I'll wish you some courage for whatever hardship you have to go through right now.

Also here an inspirational quote, maybe it will help:
"The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability as opposed to resilience and hard work, we will be brittle in the face of adversity."
No shit, aside from the fact that it would hurt like hell. It must be his emo side.
September 15th, 2016
I have to say when I see you updated I not only get excited for the actual comic but also because I know you will have another hilarious post on your tumblr. I really love your sense of humour!
Marry the one on the left, fuck the middle, kill the right one, this is purely based on attractiveness.
September 15th, 2016
Is that a thing? I can't imagine a waiter asking a question like that. A table is just a table, it's the whole restaurant that sets the mood to wether it's casual, business or romantic. I've never seen a restaurant with sections.
July 26th, 2016
Yea, YOU are the one that took it too far. Not the guy that forced himself into your home, broke your glasses and cut your hair. Nono, it was YOU. LMAO
So he's cheating.
@guestguest: That's pretty much spot on.
@DestinySnow: Albinos have light grey or light blue greyish eyes. Human albinos at least, animal albinos can have red eyes, like a bunny albino.
@DarkLemon: The stuff you post on tumblr is hilarious, you've a good sense of humour. ^^
Also I do hope this isn't going to turn into a rape so soon, I saw it was one of the tags so I guess it must come but I hope not so soon :(
If I was super rich I'd pay this author a full salary just to work on this comic. MUahhahahaha. Halas, I am not.
I feel like making Mars look a bit more post-puberty would have been a good thing, especially in this setting...
@Gnildryw: Haha, of course you may answer. Of course she is talented, but when I say 'you're lucky' I mean more 'wow, good for you'. Of course no one gets that many subscribers pure by luck, haha.