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Hello! My name is Lumina Blinn Astri, but you guys can call me Lumi!

This is my new account because Smackjeeves doesn't let me change my username. :( Everything should be the same though! I moved everything to this account so things should still be the same minus the fact I lost all my Author Comments. Boo...


I'm 119 years old (Myceneans live for a very long time), but I'm still young and love drawing!

I used to be known as Kkachii Starlet but I left the Corvida, the City of Magpies, in search of a place where I can pursue more artistic endeavors. I came to the Mycena, the City of Luminescence that was built completely on giant glowing mushrooms! I adopted the name Lumina Blinn Astri and moved into a giant luminous mushroom on L.M. 888 Glowurm Avenue!

I hope you like my webcomics! I try to update sometimes, but end up feeling lazy or failing because of technology. Thank you for all your support!

You can find me in different places:
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    Lumina Blinn Astri
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Lumi Is Back!! ...For Now
Hello, everyone! Miss me? Well, you probably missed the comic more than you missed ME. lol

Sorry about the long sometimes takes you away from our passions.

I'm so thankful for everyone's support over the years and the faithful followers of this comic. I know it's died down since I went on hiatus for a couple years. But I sat down one day and decided to pick this up again as I was so happy working on this back in the day.

Here, I have updated designs of all the characters because their original designs were not thought up but rather came out of my butt as I went along. >__>;;

And what's this?? Who is this new "Damien" character at the bottom? We haven't seen him before...yet. I decided that since this chapter is going to come to close really soon, I will entice you for the next chapter as Mac's past will come to haunt him. ^.^

And the character's ages have all been updated too. Toki is just...very underdeveloped for his age. Everyone else is pretty much only a couple years older. lol This is so I avoid any "BUT HE'S UNDERAGE" arguments. :P

Again, I am so sorry about the long wait. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things!
Official Heart Candy Cover
Though it will say that I uploaded this on August 23rd, 2009, this is actually uploaded on January 25th, 2015. This is the only way I could change the order of the pages. :P

But I'm finally going to take this comic seriously because this comic was my first long running project. I gave up on so many other projects in the past, but this is one that I have always worked on and thought of. So it's time I treat it with the respect it deserves and move it forward from just being a sketch comic! :)

I'm also 10x a better artist than in the past so hopefully this helps tell a better story. ^^;;

I hope you like the official cover of Heart Candy!
It's Been A While
Despite what people think, I never gave up this project. It's my pet project, after all. :3

So I'm coming back with an actual official cover for this and actual new pages! :D I can't wait to actually start introducing characters...especially because I realize I haven't even introduced Leander, the main character yet!

It's been what...FIVE YEARS NOW?? Damn...
It Was A Dream?
Yuki seems convinced it was a dream...despite the fact it felt that real to him. Hrm...
Well...That Escalated Quickly
For those of you wondering: Yes. You guys are supposed to be very confused. @___@
Confused and Horrified at the Same Time
The plot continues to thicken...

Who is this girl?
Where is she being taken?
Why was she chained up?
Why did she try to help Yuki?

So many few answers...
Whoa...the last time I updated this was FIVE YEARS AGO?! How time flies. It seems like just yesterday I uploaded the third page. lol

I only just recently logged back onto Smackjeeves and checked up on all my old, abandoned project. I'm only back because I wanted to challenge myself and see how much I improved since five years ago.

Dang...I was awful back then. ^^;;

Enjoy a new page. :D
Shit Just Got Serious!
If only he had started to listen earlier...she might have actually gotten a full stream of thought across. :P
Just Listen!
Seriously, when a mysterious girl with blood on her hands in a strange dungeon is telling you to listen, you should really least, that's what I would do. lol
First Page!
Trust me, it's okay. You're supposed to be just as confused as he is. lol
Blah Blah Blah
LOL I think the page is very self-explanatory.

But I am honest when I say that you guys should send me PMs with any questions regarding the characters no matter how stupid it may sound. Just make sure your questions are appropriate. I just won't answer the ones that I don't think are applicable.

No, I don't have purple hair though it would be very cool if I did. Asians aren't blessed with easily dye-able hair. TT_____TT
Code Cipher Launches!
The old project "Yukiei Impact" was an old, dying project that wasn't going anywhere. My writer also abandoned the project and it was just here collecting dust. Well, I have since revamped the entire series, rewritten the story, and am now re-releasing it as "Code Cipher".

I hope this story is more appealing to you guys as it is to me! :)
August 9th, 2015
And Now Introducing...A Cat??
Yeah, I would leave the cat alone too...who knows where it's been?!

But I guess Ringo will handle it anyway so we're all good
August 9th, 2015
It's A Cat??
Hiro seems a little tired of his hero gig...
...Ringo and Mayu seem to have found a cat.
Ringo seems ridiculously excited about it though...
August 9th, 2015
Meet Hiro, the Hero!
The hero finally reveals himself...and he's taking a day off?
August 9th, 2015
The Story Begins!
Here we go! The first page is here! :D

Silly, Mayu. Heroes do exist! But we still have yet to introduce him! Hahaha~
August 9th, 2015
A Little Foreward
Just some things I would like to say to you all before I begin~ Thank you for all your support for my works thus far. I hope that I will be more diligent in the future!
The Beginning!
After posting that this comic would happen years and years and years ago, I'm finally deciding to go ahead and make it a reality. (It takes me a while to get motivated...)

This one-shot comic is fairly short, so I hope you enjoy it while it lasts! :)