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I'm a human. I like drawing, I like video games, I like browsing reddit and I like the stuff I like.

My favourite games include Pokemon, League of Legends and Overwatch.
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some beautiful babies in the background
Lookin' good
I love the green in your pages. Been a while since theres been alot of green, only tunnels and caves.
Glowy Boi
oh my gosh i love this
I love everything! Great job!
O boy, i can't wait to see the next page.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I feel you, I work from around 4 in afternoon til midnight and don't wake up til lunch time. Really difficult to get anything done that isn't work. :C
I'm really not sure whats gonna happen next. Theres like 20, different ways she can react to this, and the majority will draw blood.
InB4 Darkrai is actually evil.
I hate it when there are close ups, because of your art style, it makes them look like psychopaths.
@Littledc: Leon did have that flashback back on Page 5. Most likely is him.
Happy Birthday.
Whoa, it seems like a whole year has passed since i last wished you a happy birthday. Crazy!
Knew it. I really like this comic, its predictable, but in a good way.