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I like... webcomics... one day I will try to write my own but for now I can't draw for shit (I'm working on it)

Profile pic is my pup

I'm nonbinary and if a webcomic has nonbinary characters its automatically amazing and definitely a favourite! I'm always down for nonbinary representation
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I can't stop laughing at the third panel ahahaha omg 'yep... this is one COOL FIELD' LMAO

Also, in the first panel 'bottomless' is spelled wrong, you have it with an 'e' where the second 'o' should be
I hope he does end up telling her and they become closer friends for it... rather that than her finding out by other means!
January 6th, 2016
I feel like there's a lot we don't know here... yeah thats some truth Emmett...
woah looking back your art has improved so much! Also I probably should reread this b/c I can't remember anything beyond the last 20 pages lmao
Is Jason trans??? pls say yes

this is a really subtle + good way to reveal something like that and I can appreciate it!! A lot of times I see authors & webcomic artists introduce a character as trans by misgendering them or having another character 'out' them, which can be really gross
>.> >.> >.> >.>

Ugh, I had a friend who this exact scenario happened to (mother cheated on father, they stayed together for quite a while afterward)... Daniel's hatred is certainly not misguided here.

I'd say sleazebag of the YEAR. Daniel's mother is such a sweetheart (what we've seen of her at least), she deserves so much better!
August 31st, 2015
Oh so that's how his power works! I had been wondering at the formula for ages:
water + fire = death (???)

how gruesome :s (they deserve it though)
This is the best page of any webcomic I have ever read and I cant find where I can rate this 5 stars holy shit
August 16th, 2015
This page is so beautifully done! Wow

I just started reading your comic and I love it! So much!! I'm gonna go read it over again haha

Hope your move went well!
AHHHH Okay so I just started reading your comic and only (just now) got caught up to the most recent page and I have to tell you, I love it! These two are going to kill me with their awkward crushes on each other... Looking forward to the next page!