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I'mma comic whore apparently,and an old one at that. x3
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We love your lazy butt.
We just happen to love it more when you update. x3

Congrats on all the fans,hun. <3
There's just not enough words for the awesome that comes forth from this page.

And that last panel? <3
I know how it goes
I was in your very same position 5 1/2 years ago. It ended up with me being halfway across the country from my home of 21 years. It's definitely a very depressing sort of trauma. I honestly wish you nothing but the best and hope that you can make it through all of this with your head held high,being happy and safe with a new,permanent roof over your head.

Stay strong,and stay safe,hun. <3
I must say,I already like this version better than the old.
Time to re-fave. =3
April 12th, 2008
Ohh,tis a definite tie between Aces High and Wish Wicked. I'm sure your take on fairytales is interesting to say the least. <3
I love this page,it has that whole cute kind of steamy innocence thing going on. <3
Ah,I have to say,it's a lot more enjoyable now that the quality is so much better,I may actually fave this now,it's quite interesting,and I don't have to squint anymore. xP
Holy hell,this page is amazing!
"My butt hurts..."
I admit. I snorted from laughing. <3
Holy crap that was awesome. Even better than a page. <3
Simply adorable. <3
Good lord that is damn beautiful. =O
It took you long enough to say it,ya bum!
*shakes fist*
Mayhaps it's because of the time restraints and things having to be rushed,but aside from the first conversation on the roof in the beginning,Mickey seems to have no real personality,outside of being completely self-absorbed. Even when she's following Asher around like a puppy,she doesn't even really have a fake persona to show him that we can see,she just seems very monotone with everything.

I do however love the point of the story itself,and the way it makes you think,and it's quite good for something with such a pressured limit put on it.

Art wise,I also love it,though in that last panel,it looks like Angela is getting ready to jump off,instead of sitting down waiting.
Hell yeah,go Angela!'Bout time she stood up for herself! x3
I dunno how anyone would be able to stand having a "friend" like that for so long.
December 17th, 2007
I can't wait for the updates,I think I was beginning to have withdrawls. xD
Holy hell,that was great. xD
You just made my night. <3
I was soooo hoping you'd bring this off hiatus soon.
Guh. Kai,reminds me of this kid I've been in love with forever. Prolly because I always call him Kai. Nah..that couldn't be it...
God,that looks amazing. <3
*oozes with jealousy and tries to slip away with the motorcycle*
I can already tell that I'm going to love this. xD
He's so adorable in that outfit,reminds me of a few of my friends. <3
I just discovered this,and I have to say,I'm absolutely in love already. Your work is wonderful,and I swear I already have a soft spot for Penny. xD