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witchcraft, cats, video games, and yaoi
i ship nozomi tojo with myself

**I haven't read all of the comics in my favorites (yet), but I favorite them to check out later if I think they look interesting.

My twitter is @cosmicstorms, please feel free to follow me ^^
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Sweet boys comforting each other <3
Yay, mega-update!
OMG this is amazing! I love these boys. I hope you had a happy Halloween, Lucazu :)

I'm not sure who to feel bad for now xD
@MegaAnimeFreak7: iirc they're actually speaking French, and Julian is not very good at it because he was only supposed to come here as a vacation :P
WOW. This was beautiful! The story, the art, the characters, this was all really amazing. I am so excited to see your work in the future! Thank you for such an awesome comic!
!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
I just reread this comic like two days ago and now there is an update!
Thank you, Angel!