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Great Page as usual.

contest huh? well of course. n__n
August 21st, 2008
NOW the action comes to the light. XD Cant wait.
WAIT huh? theyre twins? o_o or am i reading wrong.
August 9th, 2008
Keep the gush coming, i love romantic scenes. n__n
hes next to, aaaand great page. n_n
Thanatos, she knows how to render the situation. And i think Persephone was upset cuz, she may have taken what Hades said, as like... he didnt want her down there with him. Which is obviously not the case. n_n
So meany updates, so fast. you spoil us. and keep it coming, well never get tired of it. X)
Congrats to thee. n_n
VER NICE. n__n
Bart's right. She should be ash by now. Shes been staked and sizzling in the sunlight. Is she like a super vampire who is immune to that stuff? o_o
long time no see.
this page is not gross, its great. AND you draw really well, i especially love the way you draw hair. and i will check out your friends comic at once. n__n
July 28th, 2008
Just read what youve done so far, and your story is definately unique. Faving.
whats gonna happen next.
AWWW poor louis, he is also in shock and ah. Cant wait to see how the date turns out. I wooonder if louis is devious enough to sabatage. MWAHAHAHAH >D
your coloring is fits the type of story your doing well. soft and bright. very well done. n__n
July 6th, 2008
i love character pages n__n
well, lets see...
1. Well, your art style is awsome and your story is equally awsome. Also I want to see how these two actually get together.
2. I know its cliche, buuuuut... I would LOVE a happy ending. TwT.
3. errrm... I like Loius, because I always like the uke the most. (the cross dressing thing is someting I in suspense to see)
Ive been wanting to ask. what media do you use?

do you use comp./tablet or paper/pencil/inking pen? Cuz this is absolutely amazing.