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I like soccer, and sports and beaches and anime.......
You need some sound effects like... "DUN DUN DA!!!!" it would suit the last panel soo good XD
well this was a cute page, although i was hoping that someone would slap someone XD
kay, i love this, it is soo cute. Awww, be careful you cant make your pages any more aweomse or i will officially go into major aww mode :P
I would like scream and slap her, good thing I'm not Richard or he'd be locked up in his room forever XD
AWWWWW! that's so cute aww, i love it, awwwww, AWWWW! way to go, im in major aww mode XD i like this page
AWWW i love the frog prince, i cant wait! YAY!!!
Awww...Poor Richard, Poor HENRY!! :'(
Awww, i love henry and richard, they are soo adorable!!<3333

*pokes head around** but do I see some drama ooooo, im excited to see what happens next

I love your comic, I missed it so much, I hope you update soon! <33333
gregs soo cute, i just wanna hug him
Awww!Boots is adorable!, I love this comic, im glad you updated!! I lurves you!! <33 *huggles* I hope you update again soon!!!
Aww i love this comic, you are very talented!! UPDATES!! pwease
I bet you swooned
Omg lol that was funny, and i kinda agree with Nashira about this.... *suspense* we shall see...
: (
Aww thats sad, *huggles**
I LOVE THE FOURTH PANEL, cute faces :) *huggles*
YAY!!! i love it!! lol the fangirls XD
Ohhhhhh! suspense!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! YAY!!! first commebt to0.. <3
SQUEEEEEEEEEE!! AHHHHH!!! i love this comic, i sooooo wanna see what happens!!
ya, im confused, if he wanted to kill her, why is he doing this?
I really like this comic and i hope you update soon <3