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I have been told I am a good artist (but this is coming from other high schooler's so.....) I love the sport of Enduro. I adore Eevee's.
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@Shiiiiny: Nah bro, no need to apologize. Being first isn't really a big deal; to me it's all about seeing the comic first :)
Need a new avatar,,,
Darn, I was trying to be first again but whatever. This page is adorable <3 <3. I know I am late but happy 3rd anniversary Pinkeevee222!! Here's hoping to a long lasting comic series~
Stupid Human Needs =.=
I was up at like 6 in the morning and I wanted to stay awake so I could see the comic first >.< but I fell asleep in my chair 'n' I wonder where Eve went off to...
Now that I have finally gotten the opportunity to write "first!" I'm not sure I want
too anymore because on SSEC comic #100 pinkeevee stated:
"There isn't any point in getting first comment." (I is such WUSS T~T)
So I will not say "first!" I am going to say........."Bacon Flavored Milk!".............
......I'm not crazy.......
The anticipation O_O
*Refreshes page every 3-4 minutes*

So tired ~.~
@Blitz Striker: That's nothing, I've been refreshing the page for over an hour and a half

I REALLY hope it is worth it...
My dream is to be first on this comic ;-; I am taking an oath now O-O I WILL STAY UP ALL NIGHT NEXT SATURDAY >o<

P.S: Pinkeevee222 I had no idea that you did sketches first on lined paper ._.
@MemoryCrushKing: I will be starting senior year (grade 12) on Sept 4th.
@Pinkeevee222: I am just now realizing just how incredibly talented you are... I just finished making my custom avatar and it took me about 2-3 hours. Honestly like HALF of one of your comics absolutely destroys my picture 10 fold. Absolutely astounding work so far :)
I can't see the other half :(
I can't see the rest of the comic. It gets cut off at Flareon's waist... ;-; plz help.