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Butterfly Child
Hi. First of all, i love comics, but i am also very strict to what i love to read. I love romance, adventure and fantasy. I realy don't like creepy things, horror movies, detective or action movies or anything that involves blood and violence unless for a good reason like prottection. I am in love in stories for childreen and bright stories for adults. I love to paint and draw, my favorite style is illustration and i practice it for childrens books. I also love to animate and design. I love many animated movies, my favorites are Howl's moving castle, Spirit, RotG, HttyD, Tangled, Brave, Song of the Sea, Ernest et Celestine and Winnie the Pooh. And i can't wait for Little Prince animated movie. :D
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@poop: Thanks for the answer. :) I thought that i'm missing on some information, but looks like it's a mistery jet to get solved. Thanks :D
And thank you ELK for making such an interesting story. I keep looking for new pages to read. :P
I'm Confused
I still have no idea what's going on. Is there a terrible wolfman out there that Ivan thought was Odile? Is the wolf spreading the disease that is making other animals so wierd and and zombie-like? Or are those wierd animals something else? Please explanation. I have literaly no idea what's going on since Ivan found Odile.
Trouble next door
Can't believe it's'll be hard to find a better webcomic for me than this. This will probably stay my favorite. :) Thank you for a great story. Hope there will be more stories like this one.