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@gamerkatie: lol right? every time one of the pages really hits me in the heart i go back and reread the entire thing to satiate my hunger for more ;__;
ahh seeking small advice from dad while he cleans the's the small things that really pull at your heartstrings lol. i do it alllll the time (and it usually starts with "how do you make such a mess of the stovetop in such a short amount of time").

i do wonder about the string and it's effect on love and marriage and whatnot, though. like in how the string pulls together the pair when they're apart and signifies a destined pair, does it have some adverse effects? because such a power is /supposed/ to mean love, i wonder if anyone has just went along with it and found themselves confused in whether they actually love their pair or not since it was a decision based on an authoritative power supposedly signifying they should be in love. if that makes sense? even if the string could be broken by those in the pair, i wonder if that would even be considered an option to some due to the nature of the string and how it functions in society (kind of like divorce in minority cultures?). the suggestibility of the string and the implications of it (esp when we go back to that one cashier that felt she would be alone) really brings up a lot of questions that don't have anything to do with the story between ned and doug (as i think they've truly grown to enjoy each other), but have everything to do with my interest in this world and in psychology.

anyways! i look forward to the next page as always! :)
idk i kind of cry laughed at the smaller font of "spiders, y'know?" because same i also don't know how to deal with obviously deep and serious situations
kylee's face with that soft expression in the third panel has me sHOOK
November 2nd, 2017
i kind of love them
November 2nd, 2017
imma cry what a bean ;___;

i love the pace of this sm. it's slow, but it's the kind of slow that you employ during a walk in the park when admiring the colors of fall, or the kind of slow that you do on a morning where you're free with what feels like all the time in the world to yourself. it's that chill vibe of taking your time in an otherwise hectic world. i'm so in love with everything about this <strike>and i say it alllll the time</strike>
October 28th, 2017
i mean he clarified though right?? he put the space there lmao.

i love their adorable little faces and doug's stupid little nose what a family of adorable pups ;__;
October 28th, 2017
dAMN I FEEL THIS SO MUCH THO wow i'm so glad i don't work there anymore. i think worse than all those syrups (i mean they're paying right??) are the people who asked for 10 splendas and i had to spend 302284 years ripping all that shit and making it dissolve plus the whole "1/2 pump" or "1/2 a splenda" like bITCH anyways
October 12th, 2017
@bblue: ooooOOh my god this makes so much sense lmao i was so confused for a second because i was like ???? asexual, maybe, but aro??? no babe i don't think you are
@WarriorNun: I think it's like someone else summoned him. """Job"""
i relate to ned. i am also smol and eat all ur food
September 22nd, 2017
i kind of love the quiet dynamic between them. it's like this beautiful balance of silent understanding and outward communication.

i love them sm ;__;
September 15th, 2017
@Oboro: yes, the entire concept of how simple relationships (simple as in without all the overdramatic drama llamas running around) can conjure such complex feelings is amazing. ;__; i can read sex scenes with trained apathy and almost no feeling but here ned and doug wear each other's shirts and i'm a sobbing mess
i knew from the 4th panel of the last page that kimrick was 100% not getting out of this
i'm smiling on the outside bc oh, my son, you precious bean

but i'm pterodactyl screaming on the inside

did ned actually take a shower or is he just dripping with my tears who knows
@Boo...: ugh i agree that's why i love this comic in general. ;__; gannet doesn't rush bailey into things and bailey makes sure that gannet is okay and it's just so much more satisfying than someone pushing someone else down and going at it sobs i'm so happy about it
ahhh they're bonding and being super cute and iasoewr i hope their relationship develops soon
they'll be in love
and doing things
super cute things
thank you ;___;