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my name is ollie!!! im having a nice time!
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you just gotta post two comics in a day to make up for absences!
let me know if you can tell who the guy in the video screen is! : )
jiminy christmas, it's been awhile! expect more comics from me!
a placeholder or something
sorry for there being, like, NO comics in.. months. it's been awhile.
so! i made it through my first quarter of college and im on to round 2 of year 1. fun stuff, huh?
anyways. heres an explanation on the picture at hand.

i had a fortune telling fish that i got from a hannukah cracker. one a those things you pop open? and depending on your hands heat it curled and flipped and twisted and i had a little thing to read out what you were feeling, and your fortune, based on it. so i had a lot of fun in one class in particular, in the winter portion of high school senior year, telling people's fortunes. it was nice.
some things are better left unfinished
ah yes
the discourse
san fransisco
a good time
if you're reading this i hope you know you changed my life tbh
@carmevore: public school is absolute hell and im glad im out of it (having graduated in the class of 2015) (and thank you so much!!! i try hard on hair even if my anatomy is ridiculous)
@Totally not dandy: well usee, totally not dandy, u have my blog and i should add that i reblog things from it regularly
@jay: broe... jay.. thats super gay ...... no romo tho
looks like
we're in hell now kids
not a real page
i guess this is sort of where we start