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One more reason why Annie shouldn't drink period is because she has no filter otherwise. This is one reason why I know my limits when it comes to alcohol. But even if I am off my kilter drunk, I still know that one wrong word is enough to cause potential harm to myself. I very rarely drink anyway now, that could change in the future, but I really do not have a reason to consume the stuff.

Besides of which my dad was an alcoholic, so I do kind of despise the stuff.
I have read every strip of Wildflowers, and I do not see darkness in every strip. As a fan of Rain and a latecomer to Wildflowers, Wildflowers speaks to me more because of all the trauma that I have endured, I identify with it way more easy than Rain. Not to say that I don't love Rain, it's just that I see way more of myself in Annie than I do in Rain.

Granted you are entitled to your thoughts about it. I am sorry if I came across as too harsh.
Okay. So you are blessed to not have that much drama in your life. I have to deal with drama every fricking day due to my family and my own social anxiety disorder as well as my own mental disorder (specifically which I am not willing to disclose publicly).

I deal with the fact that right now, everything is working against me to allow me the happiness of transitioning. I have been pre-everything for three years due to my living situation. Unless I come into a lot of money or one specific member of my family dies, I live with the possibility of never transitioning; never being truly happy and never truly knowing peace.
I just don't think it is right to criticize something, unless you've walked a mile in those shoes. Unless you personally are Trans an have Social Anxiety Disorder, your feedback isn't realistic.
@TallMist: If you can do better, I'd like to read your webcomic.
On the mark
@GreenKrog: The last panel looks really good!
There are some days where I want it to be the next day for the conclusion of a mini-arc, like right now. :P

After my dad died, that was my tipping point. I was at the bottom of the barrel....things couldn't get any worse. They could only get better or I could get dead and being dead wasn't an option. I decided to hunt down my demon and slay it....turns out that I couldn't slay it, but I was able to surrender my heart to it. The shards of my shattered soul had to heal. The only way that could happen was by letting myself become the demon and the more I became the demon the more that I found my truth, the truth of being transgender. My soul healed over time, because I forged an angel out of my demon. I am stronger for being transgender, stronger than I ever was before.
@GreenKrog: I was wondering why Annies' skin tone has been changing to whie, this certainly clarifies it. I haven't dealt with tucking [yet], so that is something that I will have to face when the time comes.

And for anyone else that is trans that need s a tutorial on tucking, be sure to check out the following video link;
@GreenKrog: Completely understandable. I am transgender myself. I just feel more for Annie, because I see a lot of myself in her. I do understand that we can say things in anger that we don't necessarily mean to say.

I am going through something right now that is allowing me to step towards a more positive and bright side, something where I see myself cutting anger out of my life completely at some point. I am passionate about equality so hurtful words tend to cut me a bit more, but I try not to let those wounds transform into bitterness, jealousy or spite.

I am quite proud of the fact that I have been blessed to know myself and having gone through a period of life where I was extremely bitter, spiteful and jealous I have come out of it and now am capable of feeling so deeply that I can be moved to tears of joy, something that I was incapable of before coming to terms with being transgender.
Holy crap. I mean how hard is it to project oneself into another persons shoes? Damn Lexi, try to be more sensitive to your sister.