PMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMD! (I really like it) Um... what else do I like? Uh... Persona is pretty fun, oh yeah, I also like all the other pokemon games. XENOBLADE CHRONICLES IS REALLY COOL MMKAY? Uh... Canines and felines are cool, and birds too. Oh yeah dragons and stuff like that. Hey, anime is pretty cool too. Xenoblade and Solatorobo and sumthin else should be one. That would be cool. Let's see, okay I also really like to draw. This makes sense, because I have a DeviantArt (Velvet-Rainbow) Uh... got my webcomic there too, so cool. Cool...COoL...COOl... COOL!

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@totter: I don't know if it's ever been mentioned, but apparently the color that drips the most shows his emotion. I guess people just kinda figured that out.
Heck she's got such skinny legs that's crazy George.
Did children draw art of her? That's adorable
@Shotgun Chuck: I do my best~

She's okay though. Probably.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: bruh Miku did it first
(XD in all seriousness though I'm pretty sure I've drawn Miku like this before undertale existed)
@WiispNightmare: she tried to be spooky, but she is still just an angry fluff ball
I gotta stop doing this! At least this time I have an excuse because I was studying for finals. Now that finals are here and I get out of school before lunch the page should be coming out next week. Have this scary teen instead.
...Evidently people ransack his home often.
His voice broke the visual representation in this comic is g8.

Oh no RGB he's sad
What I lack in originality I make up for in terrible puns, 4th wall breaks, and funny faces.

I'm hoping you HANG around to see where my comic goes!
Did she just... kill a man?
*doot doot*
Oh yeah May 30th, it's my birthday today.

Happy birthday me!
@Dark/Light: makes sense, looking back on it that's basically how I rationalized it as well when I was younger. Actually I can't remember, was that the in-game justification as well? I'll have to check for page 58.
@Darvin:Really, are sure? Let me go che-oh for fu- why is this word so difficult for me?

I'll see if I have time to fix it today, there's a few more changes I need to make.
@Captain Oblivious: Put an end to these wacky shenanigans, it's the only way.