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PMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMD! (I really like it) Um... what else do I like? Uh... Persona is pretty fun, oh yeah, I also like all the other pokemon games. XENOBLADE CHRONICLES IS REALLY COOL MMKAY? Uh... Canines and felines are cool, and birds too. Oh yeah dragons and stuff like that. Hey, anime is pretty cool too. Xenoblade and Solatorobo and sumthin else should be one. That would be cool. Let's see, okay I also really like to draw. This makes sense, because I have a DeviantArt (Velvet-Rainbow) Uh... got my webcomic there too, so cool. Cool...COoL...COOl... COOL!

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@ScienceGamer01: Could be, but zuctuveils are too similar to eevees as is, they don't need a similar shiny palette too.
Real talk though Milo is rocking that poncho
@ScienceGamer01: I mean technically speaking mice shouldn't be able to make electricity from their cheeks either. The less you think about it, the better.
@ScienceGamer01: Ah, haven't even thought about that yet! I'll come up with something.

@ScienceGamer01: Yeah, or at least it was the male version. I scrapped the idea of gender differences, so I guess that one is just off-colored now.
@ScienceGamer01: Ladder climbing is an acquired skill.
@Noahepix: That's because you gotta make a comic like this on April Fools Day. It's the Webcomic Rule™
Hey everyone, I'm going in a new direction for my comic. This is a draft for a page in chapter 3. Tell me what you think!
@seeker of troubles: delet this
@Random Person's couson: That Sunflora is was too THICC to be Flowey, don't be deceived.
@Shadow_Strikr: yeah, just about. Of course Haruki is a smol bean and therefore age doesn't apply
@Shadow_Strikr: Well, supposedly the game gets this information from the color of your ds menu screen. Pretty ingenious, though I'm not sure it could be considered reading one's aura.
@Shadow_Strikr: nope! Well, this little page is based off of the opening to Time and Darkness, so no sky exploration, unfortunately.
@Shotgun Chuck: Chatot is the guild's funds. He consumes the cash so that he may become it