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PMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMDPMD! (I really like it) Um... what else do I like? Uh... Persona is pretty fun, oh yeah, I also like all the other pokemon games. XENOBLADE CHRONICLES IS REALLY COOL MMKAY? Uh... Canines and felines are cool, and birds too. Oh yeah dragons and stuff like that. Hey, anime is pretty cool too. Xenoblade and Solatorobo and sumthin else should be one. That would be cool. Let's see, okay I also really like to draw. This makes sense, because I have a DeviantArt (Velvet-Rainbow) Uh... got my webcomic there too, so cool. Cool...COoL...COOl... COOL!

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Oh dear.

He has prosthetics though, right?
I love the lore you've come up with AgentNein! It feels very believable.

Also though, Pokemon Square is a really weird name for a town, thinking about it now. It's kinda like there being a place called "Human Square."
Someone beat me to it but if Atty has a Guardian Angel it is definitely an eleven year old homeless guy
@AShinyFemaleEevee: Whoops she's just a really bad fakemon. Not related to an eevee in any way, but the colors are too similar.
Pages might take longer than usual, I'm doing Inktober
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: You can also add the security level increase alert from Persona 5 to that list
@NeonUmbreon: A different continent, it seems
@Shotgun Chuck: I misread that as sacrifice and was incredibly confused
You aren't imagining things, the layout of this page is really hard to read properly. That is to say... whoops.
I KNEW IT! The moment I saw those two next to each other in the scarf and headband I thought of Joseph and Caesar, but I didn't want to say anything more just in case it was coincidential. Now I know that this comic is a JoJo reference and a Persona reference. That's good taste.
THE HEADBAND EVEN HAS A FEATHER NOW just add another feather on the other side and this is just gonna straight up be a JoJo reference
That headband looks kinda like the one Caesar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure wears. Hopefully, that's the only thing they have in common.
Man, it always ruins my day when some cretin decides to dig their filthy teeth into my shoulder. Like, show some respect!
yoooooo look who's back from the dead!
August 31st, 2017
@IcarusHector: I did the same at one point man. I freaked out a little when I saw that wasn't the case.