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Hey I really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
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I love how wet darkrai looks he's so droopy haha
Forgot to upload yesterday, sorry!
@Shotgun Chuck: good question! Seems like you put a lot of thought into world building. I have religion queued for tomorrow, but that could be a possibility for next week. I will say that the Pokemon's record system is very limited because many Pokemon are nomadic, so it's not too hard for Pokemon like Miku to slip through the cracks.
Everyone's like "Where did this guy come from!?"
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: You could see it that way, but it's not something as strict as that. To word things as such implies that the individual has no choice in the matter, but in reality, there's rarely something to prevent a Pokemon from entering an occupation they wouldn't typically work in. It's just that certain Pokemon gravitate to certain jobs, a fire Pokemon might become a smith because they typically have high heat resistance.
@Guest Who: Thank you, I might correct this later
@Shotgun Chuck: not only the power plant, but several Pokemon which appear in the Pokemon world are either human made or based on human-made parts. Honestly, I don't have some kind of end-all answer for that. The best I can offer is that this old power plant for one reason or another passed into the Pokemon world sometime after it's creation. It's a similar deal with prehistoric Pokemon, who had to have been revived with recent technology, having gone extinct long before the split. Presumably they were released into the wild, and at some point passed through to the Pokemon world.
Sorry guys, this is pretty complicated to explain! I tried my best. Basically, these Pokemon know about humans, but very few have ever seen one in person, and feelings towards humans are pretty mixed depending on which region you ask. In the western central section of the Grass Continent, humans are not particularly feared, so if Miku's secret got out (and if anyone believed her) she would most likely not be at risk
Before I realized herbal tea doesn't have caffeine, I was like "wait that won't help him sleep at all actually"
@pootis: he's a big friend
@pootis: nani a fellow stand user is reading my comic!?
Progress Report
The script for chapter 3 is complete, along with the cover page. I'm thinking of making 4-5 pages of buffer before getting started, so it's a good thing I have all these filler ideas now!
@Derpygungun123: Nope! Good job on translating it though.