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Hey I really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
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@Aura Lucario7: Not quite! You'll understand eventually
Hey everyone! I made a mistake! This page was supposed to go up today, but last week I uploaded the wrong page. This issue has now been corrected. Hope this clears up any confusion, thank you!

Check the previous page, it should now display the correct image.
I may have said this before but this reminds me of when you're playing a game with customizable outfits and you enter a really serious scene but the characters are dressed up in ridiculous outfits.
These are the main characters... right??? Haruki... he was the big softy. Big and soft then, I guess. And Miku, I think, had a real big attitude. My neighbor's dog has a big attitude and he's tiny, so I guess she was the small one. Oh, the colors were green and blue, right. Hmm... I don't remember them clashing so badly. Sorry, am I doing this right?
@Emc_502: Oops, should've been carrying a reviver seed!
@IconicAnemone: I will announce when they have been opened
@IconicAnemone: Nope! Both normal colors

As for cameos, I've done them in the past, and I might do them in the future, but I'm not doing them at the moment.
@Emc_502: I can see why you might think that, lol!
@Spatan98: Thanks! I like to put my own little spins of the designs, but I have to be careful not to stray too far from their original designs.
@Meta-Akira: that's good to hear! I find the kecleons pretty hard to draw
Never trust someone named DIO