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Hey I really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
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I really like Allister what a cool guy
@Shadow_Strikr: they glow a little, really the changes to her appearance are only aesthetic. I just happened to really exaggerate the fangs in this panel, lol
@SentryBeat: I have no idea which JoJo scene you're talking about but yes this comic is absolutely a JoJo reference
I've created a Ko-fi account on a whim! I don't think I'd be able to keep up with Patreon so I'm making a Ko-fi since it's seemingly a lower maintenance account. I used my *ELITE HACKER SKILLS* to put the little button at the top of the comic! Do you see it?
Okay, so to prevent this from happening again, I will be scheduling my updates now. I used to be unable to do that but at this point I think it's safe to say I need it.
@Scones: Iconic line, can't believe I didn't include it
Sorry for the late upload, yesterday was a busy day!
@Garnet107: I think it would be best, though it feels a little rude of me to ask that! I appreciate it when people comment, even if it's spoilers!
@Garnet107: Well, he's not all that bad! But in the future please don't post spoilers on my comic! I don't want to ruin anyone's experience if they haven't played the game yet
@IryrasmoD: I'm keeping everything very PG here!
@Shadow_Strikr: Well, no one ever said he was a smart outlaw
I just realized the tail of the speech bubbles is trailing through the skull towards Siren. That's really clever!
@ARman444: Now that's plain discrimination! Not all Pokemon with trunks are evil! But, uh, yeah this one is.
@AssaultBird2454: you're right! Drowzee is just helping them in learning this lesson
Oh nooo Stewie's going colorblind
@Pokemon151 : thank you! I'm glad you like it
@SentryBeat: that's rough buddy. Haha during my first playthrough I was so bad at the game that I couldn't get through the dungeon no matter what my team was! I've gotten a bit better at it, luckily.
Man, it feels really crazy to see a webcomic reach it's completion. Amazing work!