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Hey I really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
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@IconicAnemone: I will announce when they have been opened
@IconicAnemone: Nope! Both normal colors

As for cameos, I've done them in the past, and I might do them in the future, but I'm not doing them at the moment.
@Emc_502: I can see why you might think that, lol!
@Spatan98: Thanks! I like to put my own little spins of the designs, but I have to be careful not to stray too far from their original designs.
@Meta-Akira: that's good to hear! I find the kecleons pretty hard to draw
Never trust someone named DIO
@venami: I'm gonna stop you right there chief, I have no tolerance for anyone who would dare misuse the word irony! The term I believe you were looking for is sarcasm!
@IryrasmoD: the spinda? She's always like that.
Sorry for the late upload! I just forgot, is all. This page, as you can probably imagine, took a lot of work. Treasure Town always seemed a bit small to me, and I think that tends to happen with video game towns (it takes a lot of work to plan out a town, especially when the player can explore it freely), so with a little more freedom I chose to give the town a more lively appearance. Treasure Town is a decently large settlement, located about a day's trek from the capital of Capim Town. It actually covers a large area, since like with many Pokemon towns, a lot of Pokemon live on the town's outskirts. It is located off the coastline, and as such has a port, though it is located below the main section of the town.
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: yes, I think that was a typo rather than a case of the letter being easily mistaken, I don't typically write my g like that
@Flamel: I'm sorry, that really does look like an s! Guess I need to proofread better
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: hm? I'm actually using the same style as the previous pages. Maybe I'm just a bit inconsistent with my style still.
@venami: oh, yeah, 80 is the page I finished today. Ill come back and correct this one.
yooo imma have to reread this

Miku: What? They only feed me, like, once a day