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Hey I really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
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yooo imma have to reread this

Miku: What? They only feed me, like, once a day
Celebration Time!
Taking a quick break from uploads until next year, see you guys then! In the meantime, enjoy this little snippet of world-building. Regular page updates will continue on the first Monday of next year


In the Pokemon world, Christmas does not exist, as Christianity does not exist (nor do any other real-world religions, recall that Pokemon have a different interpretation of deities, and thus they do not share the same religions as us). Despite this, Pokemon do celebrate a holiday around this time, simply known as the Winter Solstice, taking place on the Pokemon equivalent to the 21 of December, with celebration often continuing until the start of the new year. Many festivals are held across the world, though specific traditions vary from region to region. One tradition which is carried out across almost everywhere is the practice of giving family and friends sacks full of their various favorite treats. This is inspired by the legend of a Delibird which traveled the world during the wintertime, giving food to anyone in need. Overall though, the most important part of the holiday is reuniting with one's family and taking time to reflect on the hectic year in peace.

Haruki had expected Miku to be unfamiliar with the concept of the solstice Holiday and its gift-giving practices, but was surprised to learn that Miku has actually practiced the holiday! She said her memories are too foggy to recall many specifics of her past Solstices, but she seems to recall going through a lot of trouble getting the perfect treats for whomever she used to care about. Haruki decided to give Miku a celebration for her to remember fondly, after all, no one should ever have to be alone this time of year.
@shadowlucario50: one look into their eyes produces an overwhelming sense of dread.
@Shadow_Strikr: please do not underestimate the wooper's power. It has a knife.

Miku never could whistle, but her current form certainly doesn't make it easier.
@IryrasmoD: ...might wanna give that a bit of time
Haha oh my god
@That Awkward Water Master: judging by the size of the bounty, I'd say not very much
@Duskstorm: glad you're willing to try this out! It'll probably get better as I practice more with it.
@venami: yep! The Guildmembers took on photography as a side job!
@IryrasmoD: Sorry! I've been working on making it as readable as possible, but this page turned out a little rough. If I decide it isn't working, I'll stop using handwritten text.
@IryrasmoD: yes, let's hope. Currently I have a sore wrist so I'm taking a break, but I have several pages already completed.
@IryrasmoD: because she's a blind fool
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: the next pages have less drawbases left behind on them
P o c k e t S a n d !
@venami: I do plan to! It'll become a bit more refined in these next few pages.