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Hey I really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
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@SentryBeat: that's rough buddy. Haha during my first playthrough I was so bad at the game that I couldn't get through the dungeon no matter what my team was! I've gotten a bit better at it, luckily.
Man, it feels really crazy to see a webcomic reach it's completion. Amazing work!
Sorry for the late upload, I was really busy yesterday! I wish I had remembered to upload here though, I had such a good streak going...
So he'd be... Nick'ei'Shinka then, right?
@Emc_502: She's been able to lift small things before! If you recall from back in early chapter 2, Miku lifted her pencil (of sorts) telepathically. She often forgets she can, but this isn't her first time!
I must go my planet needs me
@Blaze01: terrifying, but not an out of the question response coming from her
@Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon: "H-hey, how come nobody knows this?"
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: That is very true, but there are other, less gimmicky methods of preventing that, I'm sure
@Emc_502: Miku clearly has no idea what it means to have good presentation as a guild establishment
The gardevoir didn't necessarily have bad intentions, the way the Odyssey puts it makes it sound like she was only trying to block out the nightmares but unknowingly caused more harm than good
@Flareon1225: Well they see it, but think about it. It says it's being updated, but there's nobody around updating it. Plus, it says to stand back, which doesn't seem to make much sense until you know how the board works.
@Meshoy: Oh okay, that's good to hear. You're not missing anything really, it says

@Meshoy: Are you unable to read my handwriting?