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Hello there! My name is Jennie and I looooove manga, anime and of course reading webcomics from

Likes: Shoujo, then Josei & Seinen.
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I wonder what's the spoiler. The 64 game is one of the few HM games I haven't played, but I still love this comic cuz most characters appear in other HM games. ^^
Aww!! This comic is so cute!! +Fav :D
Oh noes!! I need more!! This comic is great, as your other comics. :D
This is so lovely. Beauty and the Beast is my fave Disney movie and I think this image is so cute. :D
Aww! Cute fanart!! :)
Cute!! Love it! ^_^
Haha Yeah! Payback for the slap. ^_^
Aww, such a cute moment!
Oh my! I want a Pikachu like that.
Aww poor Kai. :( And I also agree with Thunder_Child. Kai > Zac
LOL Asking him if he could play the Sailor Moon theme song was just brilliant.

And to the person who said Camilo isn't a real name. Btw I'm latina too and that name does exist.
Oooo Someone's jealous! Hehe...
Oooo So cute!!
Hehe blackmail... :grin:
Love the title. Hehe And it's such a pretty cover. ^^
LOL This comic is so awesome!!
Ooo so pretty!!
Wow, that is soooo cute!
Aww, that was soooo cute!!! Love the story.