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Hello I am a blah who likes to read comics!!

Someday I would like to complete a comic of my own and share it with everyone...until then I'll be lurkin' about

All my comics are either on hiatus or dead atm sorry!!

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December 8th, 2010
Ah-!! It's the creator of Cerulean Sky! This looks great so far ♥
November 22nd, 2010
DUDE WHAT DUDE ;n; I`m crying manly tears here asdgdahhgsh
Gahhh I'm so overjoyed that you're back! I missed your art and stories <3
I LOL'D &#9829; :D
This page put a smile on my face hehehe
Just had to comment on the new snazzy banner <3 It looks great~
I think you and this comic are adorable <3 Teehee. :>
I reallyreallyreally loved this. I've really got to stress that. It was all very emotional and so well done. I liked how you did the panels, and worked the blues and the text--everything was really great. I'm glad to see your work again <3
Chicky just got proven wrong :D
Sagwa is just too pretty for her own good 0: Oh man I love the art in this comic *0* Keep doin whatcha do <3
DUDE. I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING. I was feeling bad for Lagus all this time, and now this happens! I'm glad we got to see this side of Razzy too. I love this comic <3 ;w;
You can't solve all your problems with violence Mickey--! XD
Ahhh it's back! I missed this comic hehe <3 Welcome back~ Chamhae is definitely lookin like a manly bodyguard here ;D
8C *super frowns* That's got to be traumatizing ;___________; No wonder he has such a strong grudge.
Oh my gosh XD I'm being totally serious here--Mickey has the exact same sense of humour as my friend! Personally I think it's hilarious ;D
*A* I LOVE THIS <3 I like the sketchy hand-drawn look ;D
April 30th, 2010
Oooo! I really like this <3 Your style is really nice and the story seems really interesting :3
Y-YUKARI'S SO ADORABLE ;3; Really interesting so far :D!
LOL. Oh gosh what. That's just awesome. That's an epic manly punch right thar 8Db