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They're only small ones though..
Lucky there was someone around to write that down..
They'll stop going into these places eventually..
Really shouldn't be doing this on a budget, Steve..
The good superheroes actually stop a lot of mass destruction.. It really keeps the reaper paperwork down..
Like "Play Dead"...
It's best to just let the reaper keep his booze..
It'll be fine... The Gryphon's only mostly bullet-proof..
Some things just seem to happen...
February 4th, 2017
And then they put it into Australia..
Don't mess him about, it's only "Happy" hour when he's actually in the pub..
Kicking the bucket is the more peaceful option..
Well.. He didn't bring a mop and bucket...
Be glad it was just this one little fire, Bobby..
The blunt force is strong with him..
And so ends the year... Been a bit of an oddity..
Wasn't going to let this slip past me this year... And yeah, Steve's plan is either a different object under the sheet, or possibly just drawing on a fake moustache to it or something..
Boys.. While you've been chasing that rabbit around like a pair of Fudds, there's been, like, twelve mice that've come and gone..

Also, yay! I finally did a thing.. now I just need to keep momentum..
This is not the time for hi-jinx Steve..
Kindly step away from ground zero.