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It does rather depend on what the overall end-goal was..
Turns out that there's worse stalking around at night than idiots in clown masks trying to scare people..
If you have such a poorly defined goal as "being famous", you're probably going to have a bad time around Steve..
He really should know better by now.. His Grandpa is very vague when it comes to threat levels..
And the local heroes still called this a win for them...
Wandering out into a storm with a large metal blade on a stick over your head isn't the wisest decision in the world..
He's probably got something devious planned for the future with one of the turtles.. That or he's gotten into tormenting birds. Both are equally plausible at this point.
I'm not even going to ask why he was quite possibly literally poking a bear with a stick..
Tragic accident at the aquarium today..
There is no sympathy from Steve some days..
It's never a good idea to complain about things without putting forward a better alternative.. Steve doesn't need a lot of wiggle room to "solve" your problems..
He has to work pretty hard to misunderstand people's meanings so deliberately..
Relax.. Steve's probably just here for totally unrelated reasons.. Actually, it's Steve so that's almost certain..
What? You thought those traps just stayed fully operational for thousands of years by themselves?
It's partly because of the slime, partly because he can never remember it's name and it gets really awkward..
Chosen heroes these days.. You just can't rely on them..

And now onto the elephant.. Hi. I'm.. Well, I'd say "back" but I didn't really go anywhere.. Thank you for the supportive comments while I've been indisposed, and I'm sorry if anyone got truly concerned for my wellbeing. I'm fine, I'd just been lacking the energy and drive to work on the comic. Where I'd once have eight jokes fly at me in an hour, or find myself forgetting a gag I'd planned because a better one came up, more recently I kinda felt like I was trying too hard to make something work. And that just fed insecurities, which made me reject ideas more regularly while looking for the "gems".. It grates on you. Hopefully I can find a better balance and not disappear for months on end without a word.

Thank you all for reading and enjoying the comic. It always makes me proud to think I've helped someone smile, even just for a minute.
Keeps it interesting too..
It's never a good day for a city-wide zombie crisis..
Well, if it wasn't thinking about it before Steve, it will be now..