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He has to work pretty hard to misunderstand people's meanings so deliberately..
Relax.. Steve's probably just here for totally unrelated reasons.. Actually, it's Steve so that's almost certain..
What? You thought those traps just stayed fully operational for thousands of years by themselves?
It's partly because of the slime, partly because he can never remember it's name and it gets really awkward..
Chosen heroes these days.. You just can't rely on them..

And now onto the elephant.. Hi. I'm.. Well, I'd say "back" but I didn't really go anywhere.. Thank you for the supportive comments while I've been indisposed, and I'm sorry if anyone got truly concerned for my wellbeing. I'm fine, I'd just been lacking the energy and drive to work on the comic. Where I'd once have eight jokes fly at me in an hour, or find myself forgetting a gag I'd planned because a better one came up, more recently I kinda felt like I was trying too hard to make something work. And that just fed insecurities, which made me reject ideas more regularly while looking for the "gems".. It grates on you. Hopefully I can find a better balance and not disappear for months on end without a word.

Thank you all for reading and enjoying the comic. It always makes me proud to think I've helped someone smile, even just for a minute.
Keeps it interesting too..
It's never a good day for a city-wide zombie crisis..
Well, if it wasn't thinking about it before Steve, it will be now..
Happy New Year everybody.. Let's hope it's a good one..
Yeah, if there's one thing that the reapers are known for, it's their patience when dealing with people trying to squirm out of the inevitable..
Now, some of you may be wondering, and the answer is no.
I did NOT make up the word "Batsquatch" and that mere fact is enough to warm my heart for the whole of humanity.
Hopefully he died doing what he loved..

Hopefully there's one in the works..
If there's one guaranteed way to survive around Steve without buying him some booze, it's pretty much suggesting that something else considers itself better at his job than he is..
He gets more when he's not terrifying people..
If you promise Steve a drink, you don't get out of it that easily..
The collateral damage brings Steve into this far more frequently than he'd like..
Imagine angry bees that know magic, and you're about at the right level..
They'd be at this for days if they didn't..
Sally might've almost been worried there..