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If there's one guaranteed way to survive around Steve without buying him some booze, it's pretty much suggesting that something else considers itself better at his job than he is..
He gets more when he's not terrifying people..
If you promise Steve a drink, you don't get out of it that easily..
The collateral damage brings Steve into this far more frequently than he'd like..
Imagine angry bees that know magic, and you're about at the right level..
They'd be at this for days if they didn't..
Sally might've almost been worried there..
It never did make that much sense..
Well, I suppose Sally's at least aware of the Midgard Serpent.. Kinda hard to be impressed after that..
Best not to argue with him on this one..
I'd pretty much believe that people were just trying to get hurt these days..
He doesn't really appreciate being laughed at..
Hey, at least this time he's not just randomly threatening people to get free food again..
Next time he'll let Sally deal with this. It's not like she could do any worse..
It's not all useless..
Though of course, it's still so vague it could really mean anything..
Also, he'll make sure you're posed with dignity and such for when you're found..
He needs to see how he keeps getting out of these things..
The rampages really rack up the paperwork.. And we all know how little our reapers enjoy paperwork..
Honestly, he's there on the off-chance that somehow their guns mis-firing in their own faces is more accurate than when they aim..