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This was a verbal agreement..
Suddenly the wolf thing doesn't seem so unbearable..
Superheroing's a dangerous game..
It is quite worrying what kind of things animals pick up on, isn't it? ey
It's hard to know if you should trust him or not..
Happy new year, everybody. Here's hoping it all goes well.
Merry Christmas everyone.
He'll try to be brief, I'm sure.. Hopefully Scrooge is a good listener..
It's important to know where the boundaries are on these things..
It's a bad sign when Death is mocking you..
It's the little things that'd drive you mad in eternity..
Somebody up there must really like this guy..
This'll go up after bonfire night (the 5th of November here in Britain), but given that while I've been drawing and uploading this, the fireworks haven't stopped, I don't think it's too bad a thing..
Well, I say "Secret".. But those old Chinese vampires have rather stiff arm joints..

Also, I'm aware that I'm a little early, but Happy Halloween :)
It's a very specific outcome, apparently..
And of course, if that's the worst thing that happens to him today, he should consider himself lucky..
They stalk so deliberately and silently.. It's incredibly unsettling..
If anyone needs him, he'll be in the tavern, two guys down from the Quest Giver
Of course, the question is if this was an accident, or Steve needing to hide some evidence again.. I know which I'd bet on..
This is why you don't actually stand next to the science machines when they science..