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He doesn't really appreciate being laughed at..
Hey, at least this time he's not just randomly threatening people to get free food again..
Next time he'll let Sally deal with this. It's not like she could do any worse..
It's not all useless..
Though of course, it's still so vague it could really mean anything..
Also, he'll make sure you're posed with dignity and such for when you're found..
He needs to see how he keeps getting out of these things..
The rampages really rack up the paperwork.. And we all know how little our reapers enjoy paperwork..
Honestly, he's there on the off-chance that somehow their guns mis-firing in their own faces is more accurate than when they aim..
Maybe he should stick around for a bit, figure out some of that inner peace stuff..
People don't really get how awkward it can be to get the random bear into someone's bedroom..
One day Steve's gonna have to shake things up and solve his problems with water..
D&D dungeons are frequented with this kind of forward planning..
Not really sure getting on Steve's bad side is a wise move..
This was a verbal agreement..
Suddenly the wolf thing doesn't seem so unbearable..
Superheroing's a dangerous game..
It is quite worrying what kind of things animals pick up on, isn't it? ey
It's hard to know if you should trust him or not..
Happy new year, everybody. Here's hoping it all goes well.