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here we go again
this time around i want to add a design aspect; each one of the pokémon i'll be drawing will have features of another pokémon in their egg group.

this one's father was a Morelull :3c

i'm not dead!
sorry for not updating ever!!!

i've been drawing; i don't really have an excuse or reason for not uploading any dailies. </3


this is Noir, in human form. is she human? nope. wicked not.
Book 1
here we go!

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hi, moni
i should probably post my warmups here, at least :^)
Chapter 1
you're in the army now!

except it's school

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“Stories don't end, they just turn into new beginnings."
― Lindsay Eagar, Hour of the Bees

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10 points if you remember this weirdo
who's this???
take a good guess buckeroo
i don't know if you can tell, but i've put a lot of thought into these characters' names...... yep...... so much thought
less based on real events
but sort of? in more ways than one. but not exactly as depicted.
who even cares? it's cute


i like the term "space out" because space is cool.
based on real events
yep, that's actually a dream i had. i am very gay.
@Watermelob: for me, it's aesthetic. audibly and visually, 2k16 is more appealing to me! we used to say nineteen-ninety-nine, for example, and two-thousand has like 100 more syllables than 2-k, so i prefer it!

I also generally like mixing numbers and letters. Using k for 1000 almost feels Roman-esque.
my winter 2k16 outfit
i think it's pretty neat.
fiction is good
so this isn't actually what happened.

yes we talked about politics, but only really slightly. the theme was actually form vs content in literature, and how it affects politics and such. pretty interesting.

either way, hey, this is how i generally feel when i'm forced to talk about real life things. i like talking about that stuff with friends, in a safe environment where i know my opinion will be shared - but even then it upsets me.

and then i escape into fiction!
a ragtag group of neurodivergent girls, and how they coexist.

each of the girls' conditions represents one i am affected by. i write them the way i personally experience them.
i felt like doodling some peeps, namely shane-la, mephie, jeanne, plague, genette, legion & jonah. they are all pretty cool.

EDIT: i had to compress the file because apparently 500KB is the max for comic pages... that might be problematic in the future. i need to pay to get more, that's pretty lame i'm not gonna lie.
new cover thingie!
so smackjeeves implemented covers --- here's this comic's one.

we shall ignore the large amount of days i didn't post anything, yes? excellent.
drawlloween 2k16 - 04
looks cozy

tuesday's prompt: "tentacle tuesday"
drawlloween 2k16 - 03
aw yisss

monday's prompt: "mummy monday"
drawlloween 2k16 - 02
i didn't feel like finishing this lol

sunday's prompt: "carnival creeps"

devil's carnival anybody? --- nobody? ok