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I'm the story writing half of our team. I'm also an educator, a father, and an avid game player. I love board games and role playing games.
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    Sam Thornbow
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The Hamchilla speaks!
Little chub has great wisdoms!
@summerstorm: They have interesting abilities.
So many delicious goodies laying around this tunnel complex.
Odd items
Don't you love it when that weird equipment you bring on the adventure turns out to be handy? I do.
Role Playing
Anyone ever played a Minotaur in a role playing game?
There's Rams and there's rams.
This was inspired by an actual D&D play session.
October 23rd, 2015
More, we want more!
I know, I know, we're making these at lightning speed!
i like your art style
story is confusing so far. interesting flashlight.
is she teaching a machine?
too big
I'd read more, but just the first page is throwing me off. Having to scroll all around my screen to see is no fun.
Oh man, General, you're doomed now!
@wildcats25: Thank you! It is working well so far, although Rob is convinced drawing is much harder than writing. :)
Do you know how hard I had to work to get this comic done? I had to stare at Rob for a very long time to get her to finish it. It was very hard.
I totally can not remember.
That ship is quite a priZe.
I think he jinxed it.
Never call Kaichou Mike.