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Haha lol I haven't been on smack jeeve in forever Im happy to see this comic though oh look at this something called tapastic you should be on it falconer please do JOIN THE CULT!
@Falconer: For my opinion I like the community the layout the comics I just thought you would like it too.
You shoud really start making your comics on tapstic.
Yeah a me day I will take a me day like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that......
@Falconer: Wait you can convert your hand writing as a font!:o
I cant tell is that you using the pen to write down the dialogue or the text thing were you can write down stuff?
Oh and also how do you draw anime so well? Could you show how because I'm having trouble with anime.
Man that Chespin got one big attitude.
What program do you use?
Your lucky you have snow it sucks to live in Florida when it winter I wear one sweater to look festive and everyone thinks i'm a crazy man.
December 29th, 2015
I like how you draw I wish you could show us your ways of drawing people.
This page makes me feel when you shoot a ball in basket ball and the ball balance around the rim circling and then it fails that is how I feel.SO FRIKEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't knew what "Haikyuu" was so I search it up with so many questions really japan REALLY.I'm not saying it sucks because i never watched it what do I know but the idea is just wow just wow someone actually legit thought of that REALLY.
Red dipping sauce very wise term.....
@Falconer: Yes i knew it was trove i got it on steam recently and i do the same.
No Oliver when i said were studding pie i didn't mean like that!
Thanks for the arrow marks showing which ones which i get confused between feet and, dog.
That wasn't a no.