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I love manga, and anime
Im going to college right now~!
But that doesn't mean i don't like to have fun and be myself!
I'm a proud black girl
I am an artist.
I give Good Points and Bad points
I am never mean
I am Vampire-Obsessed
I love butterflies
I hate Theives
I hate Liers
I love Straight Shouta
If you make my hate list you cannot get off.
Disrespect Me and I do the same to you
BL is ok you need a very good story for me to read it.
Shojo-ai is cute

//<3's Fetishs no order i love them all//
# Straight Shouta
# Incest
# Vampires
# Bondage
# Shojo-Ai
# Smut
# Hentai

Toxic//Debuting July 13
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Caught up and I am quite pleased!
Now I must wait.
Yey for digging into kenneth's past.
You come back with this sweet as style
And I love Corgi even more now with them pretty ass eyes.

He was aloof in the other version now he's like...standoff-ish
Aye, but I still love him.<3

LOOKING forward to more pages.
I love how sebby is like
Answer me mortal!!

;A; ah jacob jacob jacob...
Got damnit jacob!
What the hell XD;
;A; ugh I love them alll -Touches Dr. Sebastian

Poor Jacob being yelled at for not speaking up after feeling uncomfortable by the very person yanking him up LOL
It's alright if the next couple of pages are slow, that's just how stories work. If you make it to fast pace, things get lost. If you make them to slow you might lose some people but if your doing it at a good and steady pace everything falls into place

I would love to see the relationship between Zadel and Maggie honestly.

._. If you feel it would slow down the story I guess not, but showing relationships of other characters creates a stronger and deeper meaning then on the surface.

When I first started this comic, I hated(still hate) cliche BL, so I thought this was this,but when I actually began reading it I began to really actually like it, because it has a deep plot and the characters are deeper then actual BL sterotypes which I like in itself.

Honestly, in that scene where jacob kissed abel I never expected him to act the way he did, but then when you explained the situation it all made sense, and that made me see the situation in a different way. Although my feelings were hurt for jacob, I was also understanding of abel was well.

So, Keep up this story :3 I am indeed a fan.
Woah this is really lovely colouring
I love seeing her~<3
Very beautiful<3
Oh my gosh I REALLY, love the expression val has he's like.
>_>....I forgot to tell you, so wat?
AHH he's so defiant I love val.
Ah she's so cute, I love ana
Yes she's a reliable little sweetie pie.
Oh wow, I feel like Morrigane with the phone stuff. I hate when people hang up on me it drives me mad.

Oh, I can't wait to see that though, well read it. More about Morrigane and val relationship.
I didn't know maggie viewed him almost like a son
Using your son for bait aye aye aye.
You can't FOCUS when being tutored by your crush it just doesn't work you go off in lala land and never come back.
Your line, is just the best EVER in life. He's GETTING HIS NERD ON.
I was actually waiting for these pages to accumulate because it drives me nuts waiting for one page XD.
Letting you know I'm still alive!<3

I can understand lori, She's a brat but I get whaat she's driving at, so long as all the girls in here aren't the "Enemy" I think I'll be fine.
Let's get back to some realism here LOL.
YEAH so SHUNO, aren't you supposed to be out killing or something or did you quit being an assassin? ;3
I can see some differences, oxo but it's not so drastic.

OXO; Dang. She got told to stop doing something she's not even aware of, OUR side what is that?
OXO; THAT'S CRAZY. nobody is talking.
Ack.....I love Tabby.
Can't wait for the NEXT pages.