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literally just dead inside
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cry, rival
back again
whispers it started getting sloppy(er) here
@quartzwitch: OMG lol that looks awful. Should be fixed now, thank you for telling me!!
@gnollway: AAAA thank you so much!! literally the writing & the expressions are the 2 things I think I focus most on, so compliments on either of those just .... GET ME RIGHT IN DA HEART.. thanks again lol <3
@Spirit of Water: Thank you!! i'm really glad you found it interesting bc it sure did take me a long time to get here LOL. if you like it so far, then the work paid off. <33
OH that's it for the upload dump! Part 19 is finished and will be uploaded eeeeeeehhhhhhh in a few days. If I got some new readers out of this, COOL! Hi!
this is the depression page. the page i drew when i was depressed.
this is an ancient relic
I started Babbitt at the end of 2014, so this page is 3 years old! GROSS. Pages 1-18 will be uploaded in rapid succession unless smackjeeves has a daily limit I don't know about. Hi, thanks for looking! I hope you stay!