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Hi everyone! I needa get a better buffer built up, so MxP's gonna be on a little hiatus until sometime in August! Until then, we'll hopefully have some lovely guest art to tide you kids over until we're back with a new chapter! Thank you all again for all of your support!
damn bitch you live like this
It's the dog-chan from the end of chapter 3! His name is Boober.
@BoboKitty: Hm, what indeed? She's playing the long game right now.
oooooooooooooo indeed!
@BoboKitty: listen, if you can't shoot bone knives outta your knuckles, you're a sub-par wolverine i don't make the rules
@BoboKitty: In those alleys in particular? That was probably the first. Generally though, alleys are prime territories for stabbings and Lala's been there for more than her fair share of them.
We're back! Sorry for the sudden mini hiatus!
@BoboKitty: Defo a Lala and Cyrus' mom response, but yeah, Cyrus would rather not stir up conflict if at all possible.
you've unlocked the first tier of my tragic backstory.
a kinda routine page for straight 5s. oh well.
Took him a while, huh.