hey, try to keep it to one trauma a day, kid.
now that's what i call
I guess this didn't fkin upload???
sorry lads only one page today.
it's just like my japanese animes snake
whn she touches ur face
@BoboKitty: Infernal planes really have the best dental care
@BoboKitty: I can't think of a single time a pool of blood was ever a bad thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@omgitsmoki: Telling someone they'll only make things worse always makes things worse :<
Do you ever worry that you don't worry enough?
I dunno about you, but I love being kept in suspense about sensitive subjects.
so why don't you kill me?
make sure your heart is in the right place.

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Blood, spit, and fears.
Is Vel'dinh really that scary, or is something else wrong?
I think I'm paranoid.
You can always trust Pon's style.