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Hair is important.
Boring but informative page. Things'll pick up next week!
Well, that's really bad.
Bad news, everyone!
Don't answer that.
Definitely not your business.
Vel'dinh wasn't lying when they said you were popular...
watch your dosage, at least for your guardian's sake.
hey, try to keep it to one trauma a day, kid.
now that's what i call
I guess this didn't fkin upload???
sorry lads only one page today.
it's just like my japanese animes snake
whn she touches ur face
@BoboKitty: Infernal planes really have the best dental care
@BoboKitty: I can't think of a single time a pool of blood was ever a bad thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@omgitsmoki: Telling someone they'll only make things worse always makes things worse :<
Do you ever worry that you don't worry enough?
I dunno about you, but I love being kept in suspense about sensitive subjects.