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what did i fucking say about that sensitivity training?
someone needs sensitivity training
spoiler: it's all of them
@BoboKitty: tbh i blame my upbringing in connecticut where it was green like a month out of the year. Green = warm = bad lmao.
and i also feel like lala, gotta constantly explain to people why i take amtrak places during the holidays.
why did i make the interior of the train green-themed
i don't even like green tbh
Al is having a rough time... but why?
what's lala plotting?
Hi everyone! I needa get a better buffer built up, so MxP's gonna be on a little hiatus until sometime in August! Until then, we'll hopefully have some lovely guest art to tide you kids over until we're back with a new chapter! Thank you all again for all of your support!
damn bitch you live like this
It's the dog-chan from the end of chapter 3! His name is Boober.
@BoboKitty: Hm, what indeed? She's playing the long game right now.
oooooooooooooo indeed!