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gonna go ahead and say a speeding train may not be the best place to put you IT skills to the test.
those anxiety feels
when your social anxiety eclipses your fear of death.
It's rude to stare.
ain't nothing like a little real sci-fi to quell that mortal terror!
they all share one brain cell and none of them get a turn with it.
well, at least you acknowledge it?
what did i fucking say about that sensitivity training?
someone needs sensitivity training
spoiler: it's all of them
@BoboKitty: tbh i blame my upbringing in connecticut where it was green like a month out of the year. Green = warm = bad lmao.
and i also feel like lala, gotta constantly explain to people why i take amtrak places during the holidays.
why did i make the interior of the train green-themed
i don't even like green tbh
Al is having a rough time... but why?
what's lala plotting?
Hi everyone! I needa get a better buffer built up, so MxP's gonna be on a little hiatus until sometime in August! Until then, we'll hopefully have some lovely guest art to tide you kids over until we're back with a new chapter! Thank you all again for all of your support!
damn bitch you live like this