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We're back! Sorry for the sudden mini hiatus!
@BoboKitty: Defo a Lala and Cyrus' mom response, but yeah, Cyrus would rather not stir up conflict if at all possible.
you've unlocked the first tier of my tragic backstory.
a kinda routine page for straight 5s. oh well.
Took him a while, huh.
@BoboKitty: Better his phone than his face (again)?
No personal calls.
Calling the police counts as a personal call.
@BoboKitty: The boy ain't bright.
No, the other kind of murderers.
@BoboKitty: Honestly? She appreciates his concern, but he can never know.
And I meant it to be a pomegranate (because pomme = apple) but I can definitely see the pineapple now. Just gotta improve that design!
Happy New Year! Hopefully you didn't party too hard!
it looks p bad, ngl
@BoboKitty: all my characters are made up of 90% secrets tbh
you know what they say about people who talk shit...

theyre not nice
This gonna go over well!
A confession in exchange for an attempt at kindness.