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@EJ122: Shoot, Deimos himself might even be leading the charge to vote him out. This is the last thing he wanted to happen, and now that it has he'll want to leave to keep everyone safe.
@RedBeryl: It's a really great movie. Very funny.
@eevee loves tacos: My guess would be male looking at the tail. Males have a lot more of the round points than females.
If you actually found those, I am jealous. They were sold out at my local store.
Here is one like, and the cuteness. Oof. I'm dying.
Because of the author comment, I'm wondering if you left out a letter in Unknown speech? Also, that Morse code message. I liked it.
I had just reread this comic a couple weeks ago. I'm glad it will be continuing.
That alt text made this 100x better.
@Daz Keaty: The grinder part is what I was talking about, everything else is just a review. Honestly speaking, this comic will probably get more people to watch the movie.
I would say spoilers, but I've read the manga and seen the anime. Plus those have been out long enough that spoilers are justified.
@RazorD9: A lot of relationships in real life have bigger gaps, and if she is 12, which I think is the correct age for her, than they could legally date in America. As long as they are both 12 or older, and have three or less years separating them. I doubt they'd have sex. Atty seems like the type that wouldn't care about that, and George seems to innocent to even think about it.
He's wearing what kinda looks like a crown, so I'm guessing his home will be a mud hut.
I never understood the change in day part of new years. I figured it should be make a goal that you might achieve near the end of the year.
Merry Christmas
@Happyfox100 :u: What about the Jewish star makes it a ritual, and Dawns left arm is wrapped around and grabbing her right one. That's why it looks like that.
December 10th, 2018
Like Hero of Comedy mentioned, the tutorial usually happens from waiting on the start screen. Most players learned by doing as a result, myself included.
@orgostevani: No. Dimensional Scream requires touching something to activate. This would be more a kin to future sight.
At least Bokyurah is taking out her anger, but poor wall.
@Shadow_Strikr: I think it's been a couple weeks actually. Counting travel time and number of missions done. That's still no where near enough time to get over losing so many friends.