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@Psych: I thought it meant never fall.
People can't make a fire hot enough or a grave deep enough to silence me. Than again I was raised to look at things from both sides, and never back down when saying my point.
Sam's reaction is hilarious.
Is that rayquaza in the bottom panel?
Does this mean no more DoraXRune. Darn.
May 20th, 2017
Can't wait for it to fully start. This comic looks unique.
Best comic I've read in a while. Tough to find good storytelling like this now a days.
@ninjaxxxrecon: Naruto running kind of makes since. It won't make you faster, but it will conserve energy.
Welp. I can't decode this yet.
@smartboyathome: It's only unrealistic for any fish pokemon other than Magikarp though. After all, a Magikarp can leap over a tall mountain in a single bound by flopping around. Good old confusing pokedex entries. To bad the Feebas can't do that, looks like they'll be boiled into a delicious treat.
I've seen blind people do origami before, and there usually great at it.
@#403: I never thought of that. He is! Good for him, not following normal pmd rules. That's what winners need to do. Also, your welcome.
Darn it Smith. Wait for your friends. Nice comic by the way.
I say do it, and darn it. You're farther than me in Night Vale.
Any other Gary it would be stupid, but this Gary makes it cool.
@9rainbowtails: I think all the eevee's except 1-2 who are the fathers of them.
They even have tables for the flying types. That is good service right there.
All the affiliates are people I read. AWESOME! Also, good luck Naya. You can do it.
I've actually had that happen before. I ended embarrassed when everyone was talking about him and I just asked, "Who?" I made him laugh at least.
@SkunkWitch: You might be right about plot being the reason, and the character page supports that fact. I can't wait for this fight though.