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I know pawniard is a bad guy and all, but a part of me still hopes that he's alive.
Nevermind, read volume 1 again and remembered him snapping the neck of a machop and abusing the cute hostages, he deserved to die.
Still the oldest trick in the book. "
Updates everyday until it catches up with the SSP site!" What is the SSP site?
Part of me thinks he had it coming while the other half of me thinks that charmeleon and that absol were kinda heartless, I'm so torn!
After 2 minutes remembering what all the unown letters were, I could finally read the text! Fuck yeah!
I'm just curious how you remove the tag
deija vu
Something seems familiar about panel 6
Thank you
I would like to say thank you for all the time this series has killed for me, now it's the 20th, and I can play the game all year long.
I think this is the first time I've ever seen Leafeon in the real world, the only time I remember seeing her before this was in Vaporeon's dreamscape
Oh no, it's XDOO4!
You know, now that I look at this again, there are alot(or at least more than I thought) of similarities between this and Red Data Girl, They both have a character that's seemingly confused at first, one that doesn't seem to like the main character at first, but likes her later on, a mentor figure that is considerably helpful, even though Miyuki/Gengar doesn't like to admit it, even flat out hating him, and lastly, the one that tells that person what to do, Celebi/The himigami. Other than that, they're completely different
Reply To MercenaryX
Oh really? I always pictured Victini as a male myself
I knew it was that gengar from red version I fucking knew it and I barely read a summary of the story off of the wiki! First medicham, and now ekans?
Even though this comic is unofficial, it ties in so many games together! The main series, Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Ranger, and now Coliseum? This is getting better by the page!
Well "someone" has been to 7 11
*googles the definition of traipsing* The more you know!
I was a bit scared this was the drowzee from explorers of time and darkness
It isn't true, have you seen drowzee?
I knew Mewtwo was from the human world! It wouldn't make sense otherwise since Mewtwo is a man made creation!