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So ends our story… If you enjoyed it, please leave me a comment. It really means a lot to authors when readers take a moment to say something appreciative. No need for anything elaborate, a simple “wow” would be enough.

Also, an announcement - due to the not-so-great traffic here, I am leaving SmackJeeves. But I am not stopping making comics! My next title, called Infected Blood, will feature the story of Sekhmet and how she became a war criminal. Please, follow me on any of these places:

My own website:



Don’t ever do that again, Sekhmet.
Confession time for Sekhmet.
Where we learn that Sekhmet has a sleeping secret…
We're back! Happy 2017 with The Green-Eyed Sniper!
Goodbye, Assistant :)

And with this, The Green-Eyed Sniper takes a break! We'll be back on 9 January. Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays!
Could they really let Blitz go just like that?
Shanti is a true protector.
The last parting words aren’t exactly peaceful.
Shanti has something to object, but so does Blitz.
I guess Blitz's peacefulness is kind of fading away.
Blitz has a very good memory!!!
Finally, the confession we were waiting for.
What's Sekhmet doing? Being selfless? Or stupid?
Shanti talks, but things take an unexpected turn!...
Shanti tries to convince Blitz to talk outside the hospital room, but...
A very excruciating moment that Sekhmet can't take - and neither would Blitz, if she knew what was going on.