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Hi there! I usually go by just "DarkChibiShadow", but somehow the account I made under that I forgot the password AND e-mail? So, that means I have the same name, but...spaced. So that other account is me too, but can never be used, boo!

Call me DCS!

Anyways, my current updating webcomic is Space School!
If you want to read all of my old comics, they are located here:

Hope you'll enjoy!
My favorite page, my favorite line.

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@Guest: Updates happen once a week! <3 Thanks a ton for reading-- I'm really glad you enjoyed it! <3
whoa whoa whoa this page is cool as fuck
By the by, the next 3 pages are going to be up on the Patron-only blog; so if you want early access-- check out the $5 tier on Space School's Patreon for that and WAY MORE behind-the-scenes stuff on the blog.

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@Tacotits: thank you!
Sorry that Page 420 is right in the middle of this very important scene. Aw, geeze.

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Just so you know, the pacing for this next part is gonna be...slower? But hopefully very satisfying when read all in one go.

So hang in there with me! I know some of ya'll don't like it when the comic slows down but it'll be worth it!!! THE BOYS NEED TO GROW!!!

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IT'S THE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and HOT DIGGITY DAMN this page looks so looks so good...and all the tones look so good too...DAMN your lines are just MWAH i love 'em. you're amazing T__T I love this comic...
@Tacotits: I'M LAUGHING cuz I drew it like oh of course he gets food between panels but reading it like this he's just uh "mmm metal"
@Tacotits: thank you so much and AGREE, they both fucked it