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Hi there! Call me DCS!
I'm a queer comic artist and game dev!
I specialize in romance and erotica, so I hope you'll check out my work!

It's easy to find me on other sites as "DarkChibiShadow" so if you google around you can usually find even more of my work than here!

Everywhere else:
So, ah, those Smackjeeves changes coming, huh?

They really didn't give us much warning and woo buddy, is Smackjeeves taking away everything that once made it stand out from other platforms.
I'm very surprised they aren't just adding an app and leaving it at that, I feel that would be the best choice but alas, they are taking away all of the custom themes.

I'm not sure I'll be able to recreate this theme anywhere, as I'm not very HTML savy, but I am going to try to make a mirror site on comicfury to keep at least SOME of this look up. (I'll be doing the same for Space School.)
I will take some pics of the site for archive purposes as well, and to remember it by.

This change is really sad, honestly. Smackjeeves was a great place to act as a hub for my comics while other sites were just readers-- but now Smackjeeves will just be another reader. I heard they are owned by the same parent company as Webtoons, so I wonder if they will start censoring content more heavily as well? Who knows.

Anyways, I won't be stopping updates here or anything, but I thought I would let you know my thoughts on the current situation. Thanks for reading!

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@BrowniePokemon: :'D Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Hey ya'll!
It's open call time for the 12 Days of Guestmas btw!
I'm looking to fill about 5 slots for guest comics this year and I NEED YOUR HELP! All skill levels are encouraged to apply, all I'm looking for is people to have fun with my silly little cast of characters and to meet the deadline of December 13th.

More info can be found by clicking here!
Comment down below or e-mail me at if you're interested and we'll get talking!

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I think I forgot to update this last week so uhhh here comes three pages! (IDK HOW THAT HAPPENED?!)

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And we're back with pages! Did y'all have a fun Halloween?

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congrats on another amazing chapter btw!
AH YES, my favorite type of content
eyes emoji tho!!!! dang
BABIES OH MY BABY BOYS!!! always a honor to have any of my cuties as cameos! THANK YOU :DDDD
Here’s our Halloween picture for 2019!

The Witch AU was the very big, very clear winner for our poll held earlier this month, so I decided to do something simple, fun, and with a bit of world building involved.

Alkaline and Zeggy, are very different witches.

Alkaline, much like in any universe, has been through a lot. He’s lost his arm, taken damage to his face/eyes (he was able to mostly restore his eyes with magic, and build himself a functioning arm as well) but still has a very positive attitude. He works really hard at his job, is doing well socially and financially, and generally extremely reliable. (Which causes him the same kind of woes we see in the Space universe– lots of expectations, not feeling free to be himself, and generally feeling trapped by the perception people have of him.)

Zeggy, much like any universe, is struggling thru his failures, mistakes, and insecurities. Witches in this world are NOT normally purple, and his purple hue, pointed ears, and antenna are all results of a cursed placed upon Zeggy, as were ANY of his magic skills. He’s extremely bad at magic because of this, and his magic is weak– but still boasts he’s good and finds way to trick any unlucky client or customer he has. He’s similar to Battam in these ways, except for the fact that Battam is ENTIRELY honest and selling good potions, while Zeggy is a total liar and selling bunk products. (By the way, this world and the Solanaceae world are totally different and separate. The magic in this world is more “traditional” while the Sola world has it’s own system.)

A story I’ve wanted to tell with this two, hopefully in VN format, is summarized well in an old ficlet I wrote:

Their journey together had been somewhat brief– meeting in town, agreeing to leave together…

Meeting the witch of the forest, the witch of the air, fighting off deadly creatures, and discovering more about each other…but, that whole time, the cursed witch had lied to the scared witch.

He didn’t know his way thru the forest, he didn’t know their destination, he didn’t know anything– he couldn’t preform any real magic or show off any real skill…

The abilities he boasted were all side affects from his curse; he admitted that now…and yet…

The scared witch held him by the shoulders and forgave him.
From the start he had known; he had seen thru the lies and known the fragile persona in front of him. He knew what secrets looked like, he knew what lies sounded like– he knew it all…and yet…

He had stayed with the cursed witches side. He had traveled with him, ate with him, laughed with him…
“Let’s keep going, we can make it.” He urged. “Together, we can make it.”
Thru tears, the cursed witch thanked him. Over and over. He had never been shown such kindness before.

The scared witch laughed then, “Thank me when we’re safe on the other side of this forsaken maze.”
Pulling himself together, the cursed witch could only utter; “…it’s a promise!”

And yeah, I love the aesthetic I’ve made for these costumes and world. It’s an extremely indulgent AU, just like the Dr.Zeggy and Franken Alky AU is, but that’s also what makes it so fun.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a good one, and I hope you enjoyed the pics I made this year!
Sal laying it all out! (Happy Halloween btw! I've got some fun Halloween pics up on my Twitter and other sites!)

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I've been waiting for this page for so long cuz hmmm that good good clarity right into the camera, wow.

Become a member of my Secret Club and get access to 40+ Solanaceae pages as well as a library of 2,000+ images!
@Akab: them being grumpy together is truly showing their closeness <3

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