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Hi there! I usually go by just "DarkChibiShadow", but somehow the account I made under that I forgot the password AND e-mail? So, that means I have the same name, but...spaced. So that other account is me too, but can never be used, boo!

Call me DCS!

Anyways, my current updating webcomic is Space School!

If you want to read all of my old comics, they are located here:

Hope you'll enjoy!
@dominateeye: Aw, thanks so much for your comment!!! Glad you were able to catch up~
Hey ya'll! I'm going on my yearly summer trip and won't have time for the rest of the month to update Space School, eek!

It sucks, but updates will be back to weekly once September hits! (Plus, I'll be working on some awesome new merch stuff and hopefully planning a stream soon too?! So hopefully that'll make up for it!)

If you need something to do in the meantime, why not check out some of my games? Or my comics masterpost? All free, of course!

Thanks for your support everyone! See you again soon!

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@Seth: Yep! Nice catch!
@b3nc0: Unless I'm severely remembering wrong-- I've never made a comic about a plant person!
(The only plant person stories with m/m that I know of are ones from Slipshine!)

It takes time to change and upload a page ;O; Please be patient with me!
(Also I might have to delete your comment since I don't want "r*ped" to come up in google searches for this comic!)
@b3nc0: Oh! Thanks for letting me know-- they had asked me personally just to put up one chapter and I said yes just because of the sheer traffic the site has, honestly. (I barely get anyone looking at my stuff as it is, so)

Also I'm laughing because it's definitely NOT about a plant person haha. (It's about a snake person!)
@WingFreak: Ah! I'm so sorry haha// I'm glad to hear you had a nice 'lil binge tho!
There's an update about once a week! (Hopefully one day twice a week if the comic gets enough support!)
@MidoriLied: It was definitely Maleena ;)
I love this page and I love this scene coming up.

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@Advancedflea: You're free to make icons from any of the panels!
God it feels so good to draw and see Alkaline again, my bb.

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@Guest: the joys of me putting purple in the uniform back in the day when my color picks weren't as strong haha
(Double update by the by, go back a page!)

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Gettin' ready boy. (Double update, so make sure you read the next page!)

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@Elraishem: Even tho he's the ultimate meat boy, he will still consume anything and everything. HUNGRY boy.
Just a bit more and we'll be back in actual dialogue town, heh.
For now, enjoy sad boy?

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