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Hi there! Call me DCS!

It's easy to find me on other sites as "DarkChibiShadow" so if you google around you can usually find even more of my work than here!

Everywhere else:
This is a double update! Make sure you go back one page!

Hey! Didja know I just put up pre-orders for book versions of the FULL COMPLETED Chapter 1 of this comic?
Uh yeah, it's pretty dang cool. You can click this link to pre-order it, it's $25 and 80 pages, all in full color! Wowza.

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G O D !! this page is so beautiful!

the movement and the feeling and the MMM everything. it really captures a ton of what i like about your art-- it's so solid and the lines make so much sense and the CLOTHES look so good AND IT'S SO FULL OF EMOTION AND OOOH

now kiss (sorry i had to)
Phew! And that's all our updates for June.

Did you have a good June? I did! It was not only my birt month but was also just super productive and I got to do a bunch of fun stuff. It was great!

Thanks for reading!

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oh bb dont do this just look at al's face and know -- just GO TO HIM.
THE!!!!!!!!! AL!!!!!!!!!!
@DrSmile: thank you!
@thezucc: yeah, that's the truth.
@NomnomNami: THANK YOU!!! <3
Hey! It's my birthday!
Thank you everyone for your awesome support, you help make my birthday great. <3

Support Solanaceae on Patreon for $5 and see the REST OF THIS CHAPTER, INSTANTLY!
@YolkenEgg: I have no idea why carrots would make you think that, but ok.
@YolkenEgg: Not quite yet!