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Hi there! I usually go by just "DarkChibiShadow", but somehow the account I made under that I forgot the password AND e-mail? So, that means I have the same name, but...spaced. So that other account is me too, but can never be used, boo!

Call me DCS!

Anyways, my current updating webcomic is Space School!

If you want to read all of my old comics, they are located here: http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/DarkChibiShadow/

Hope you'll enjoy!
@Elraishem: Even tho he's the ultimate meat boy, he will still consume anything and everything. HUNGRY boy.
Just a bit more and we'll be back in actual dialogue town, heh.
For now, enjoy sad boy?

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Phew! And we're back!
I had a week of game dev to finish up my new game, Mermaid Splash, but now I'm back on the comic horse, hehe!

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@Esurisaurus: Yep! That's the point of it being green-- so that you know it's ZEGGY'S... ;)
@Tamerlane: thank you!!! <3
The dream sequences are always the perfect time to try new stuff out, heh.

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Dream sequence time! Expect some mild blood/gore for a few pages.

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I love the expression on the mer so much, it's so cute!
@Colourbee: Aw hey! Thank you so so much// I'm really glad you've been able to see me grow so much! Mwah! xoxo
@unfollowedead: A-Ah, sorry, he didn't.
@unfollowedead: If you like Alkaline, this coming chapter is for you...it's very Alkaline centric and you get to see him talk about...A LOT!
(I'm so glad you like him btw, he's my fav...)
And we keep on going with these two...

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@unfollowedead: YEAH!!! The asexual cutie birb!
Hey ya'll!

I'll be at Sakura-con this weekend for all of the days, just wandering around and such!
If you wanna say hi to me, keep an eye on my Twitter to catch what I'm wearing the day of~
I'd love to talk about Space School or any of my stories or ZoSan or anything really! <3

Hope to see some of you there~

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@stairs: Aw, thanks! I appreciate that! <3
Ey! Here's the actual page, hehe!
Get to learn a little more about our antagonists.

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