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Hi there! Call me DCS!

It's easy to find me on other sites as "DarkChibiShadow" so if you google around you can usually find even more of my work than here!

Everywhere else:
It's finally time! Time for a band new chapter, wahoo!

This chapter has...a lot of Dennis. He's finally going to shine, in a bunch of great different ways and I HIGHLY suspect some of you who don't like him will start to like him.
Sorry to say it...just warning you. ;3

I uploaded a BUNCH of pages for this chapter on to the Patreon; and this weekend I'm about to do a ton of thumbnails and scripting too. We're in the very active early stages of this chapter over there; so look forward to it!

Help support Space School on Patreon and get early pages!
Oh. So that's his name?

By the by, once the Patreon reaches $750 in pledges-- we'll unlock twice public updates, woo-hoo!
Even if you can't pledge; sharing the comic on social media and recommending it to your friends helps a lot with the goal-- as more eyes = more readers!

Comments help a TON too! So don't be afraid to get chatty~ So Smackjeeves community tends to be so much more quiet than other communities-- I'm not sure why though?!

Support Solanaceae on Patreon and always be 5 pages ahead of public updates! Just $1 a month!
@Guest: AW! This is so wonderful to hear-- thank you!
Webcomics can be QUITE the journey-- and Space School is the longest one I've ever made! I work on a TON of other comics/games/etc as well and it's really all just about like, planning and patience and trying to get a bit done each week/month to get yourself towards that goal.

I think anyone can make a webcomic-- but if you're finding yourself having a hard time with motivation, I'd also recommend checking out Ren'py and seeing if making a kinetic/visual novel is your thing~

Anyways-- I'm totally rambling! I'm so glad to hear you like the comic and I'm pumped up to keep updating and sharing the comic with you! <3
We're currently working on getting to the next milestone which will allow for twice weekly double updates-- hell yeah?!
There's also the first build of the Solanaceae VN, which is the epilogue to this comic and the main comic-- assuming you're caught up? (You don't actually have to be to understand it tho.)

Cuz I forget that people don't know that Solanaceae is actually uh, like a big series I've been working on for a while? Like a few years!

Here's some helpful links, yo:

Right now I'm currently working on finishing up the Tomai DLC; but once that's done I'm gonna be releasing the second update for the Sola VN-- meaning the first update will finally be out to the public, woo woo!

Thanks for reading my long comment, if you did-- and thanks for reading in general!

Support Solanaceae on Patreon and always be 5 pages ahead of public updates! Just $1 a month!
And that's the end of this chapter!

As always, I recommend going back and re-reading this chapter as one whole piece before we move on to the next chapter; as it'll help refresh you with everything that happened.

What's our next chapter gonna be like? Hm...

Support Space School on Patreon and get 4 pages ahead this week! Just $1 a month to get access!
Uh-oh, up to not good, AND KIND OF HORNY?

By the by, I upgraded the Patreon to have 5 pages ahead of the public updates; so check that out if you're interested. All levels of support get access.

Support Solanaceae on Patreon and get access to 5 pages ahead of public updates! Just $1!
@Kyntal: it's Tennessee
@Kyntal: uh, i guess? but isn't joe a bird? they still eat chicken tho, lol. (at least alkaline and zeggy do)
@Kyntal: TuT <3
Alkaline, Zeggy, or both can now be with you whenever you go!
These are my first ever enamel pin designs and I’m very excited. The simple shapes capture the silhouettes of my favorite boys so well, and I’m just so excited to get these made with your help!

They will be hard enamel, printed on faux gold metal. More info to come.

Didja ever want Battam, Sal, and Satine, all on one charm together? WELL! That's what this is. A fun charm with all of them on it!

I don't usually advertise merch on the comic proper-- but this time I figured, hey-- why not?

The whole cast can now be your pals anywhere you go where you wear a lanyard-- a convention, at work, or around your house if you wanted! Everyone is here, EVERYONE!


Thanks everyone! I'll be posting something else like this soon-- and then we'll be back to regular pages.
That's right! I've got a Solanaceae lanyard up for pre-order right now and uhh, it's great? Just look at it!
Now you can show off some love for Solanaceae at conventions, at your work, or wherever the heck you'd need a lanyard!

You can pre-order this lanyard, by clicking here! (It's an Etsy link!), I'm sure some of you are wondering-- "Why would I want a lanyard to a comic that's only 5 pages long?"
Well, the secret is-- I've actually been updating Solanaceae as a series (comics, games, illustrations, etc) for a few years now-- but most of the content couldn't be posting on Smackjeeves, you catch my drift?

That's why I've got that nifty "Want more?" tab to the left, ya see it there?
Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you consider getting this cute lanyard!