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Low poverty guy has a Morror pin!
This is me, this is my life.

If you're interested in supporting me check out my Patreon:
A cute gutless boy.
@gazimon x: Things have been a little rocky but I'm doing okay, going to be updating more on here soon, thanks for asking!
@Linn: Awesome!!! It'll be a kickstarter soon!
I wanted to give Pills something nice and functioning. I've had this comic on my mind for a while.
Cicada dreams big, so that one day she might change.
Darcy has some good workout fashion.
I need to update more.... ennnnnnnnggggggggg, I hope you guys like this. Thanks for staying tuned friends.
I love you both so much lol
So tired lol. Just finished a huge commission and had to redraw this. Thanks for reading, sorry for always being late.
Sea Cicadas, Mole crabs, or Sand Fleas use to be some of my favorite crustaceans as a kid. I’d catch them at the beach. Apparently they’re edible, which is kinda cool. This one is Cicada’s friend though.
The thrilling conclusion to this arc about rapping arthropods.
This was probably the hardest time I’ve had with writing a Mantis and Cicada page! The rap battle finally happened! I love cute arthropods and I like rap so yes.
Here's my patreon if you feel like supporting me:
Just ordered cool enamel pins recently too! I plan to open up preorders soon.
I finally add a Dragonfly to my comic! Thanks for reading guys, shits about to get real.