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The dot King has come to resurrect the children...
ForkShifter is a highly strange intellectual being, Socially awkward by scampering about for the right words, please heed with caution.
You have been warned.
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That cat.
Has the best features with emotion. xD
For realz though.
@Xuedragonsong: I don't know much about art, though do you think it's watercolor based or oil paints... Again.. Idk much about art. I only work with either digital art or pens/pencil.
@Fizz Frenchtoast:
yeah it's good now. the art style is what's interesting. d-(^_^)
I love how she evolves conveniently at the right time. xD This comic i'd pay to own it if it were made into book form. (comic)
Probably got them washed like a person should be doing when they get a chance. Being homeless, she can't exactly get clean clothes while she waits for her dirty ones to get clean, no?
(Ha. 2 year later response. .. Ahh man.. I'm late to the party.
very good with reality. I appreciate that greatly. :]
Man. Kato should of been used as a pet... He'll hopefully make a fine warrior since he was forced to be anyway..
Almost jerked a tear man. I guess I like this comic more than I thought.. DX Kato
Death does change people.
It's like Kato is just a new born that got separated from it's mom too early DX
Is it just me?
@Fizz Frenchtoast:
It says Image Not Available, i'm confused if it's me or if that's legit or if i'm weird or if my browser broke or. DX -=shakes laptop=- Nooo!
Refreshing doesn't work, it's not Aprils fools day. Cookies are fine for this page.
v.v my devastation..
I read this as a fast english dub japanese action film.. ... XD
>:O SHE BETTER HAVE TAKEN THAT WEEDLE AND WILL NEVER USE IT UNLESS LOW LVL TRAINING >:o ..very low.. like so low.. like ugh so cute low.
;-; not what I thought at all.
The fact that the weedle already has a name and is coughing i'm gonna assume...---- ... I hope it's not a spoiler.. Nvm, -=continues to read when he should be in bed=-
that pokemon just acts like he smokes a ton and drinks black coffee with no fucks if the world burns..
This made me think of the badges all over again.
"You need the -- badge in order for your pokemon to listen to you!" ... -=pouts=-
@PegasusFeather: oh my god Gaiaonline.. Dude .. try .. You remember for gaia dream avi? Well the creator of that site got pissed at gaia for some reason and took that site down and made his own site... You should check it out. the base avi's, hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouths are free and you can change the color of the items.. and it's cheaper. a hella lot cheaper..
I guess I didn't get it.
I think my brain sucks compaired to most people's that read this. To me it was like a boy who was into a drug that didn't really have a place to call home, tricked a girl to go with him to some place to get raped I guess for money to get a drug I guess?
The ending made it to me like he did suicide to get to home? Man idek. I read the proscript and was wrong about the entire story. I'm not that smart, so maybe that's why I didn't understand it.

I'm sure if I were to be smarter, I would of enjoyed it a lot more.

Thank you for sharing though!

(I'm sorry i'm dense..)
Name pronouncing question
@Laitma: Ironic thing is, my name is Ian and I'm wondering if it's pronounced how you say mine.
Ian (Eye-an) or the usual way (E-an) ?
Idk personally I hated my name in school XD I'd be marked as absent cuz i'd hear " e-an " and i'd never look up and say " here " ... -=sighs=-