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Artist aspiring to the field of Comic books. Not much else to say. I like long walks on the beach, but only in the spring, and Strawberry Daiquiris.
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Sorry for the wait
I apologize to everyone for the lengthy hiatus. Between summer plans and work picking up, I've had a hard time nailing down time for the comic or other art in general. But, I'm planing to hammer out as many pages as I can over the next week or so, as I get ready for a convention in august.
Cover for chapter 2
As promised, the cover for the second chapter.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Chapter 1 end
End of Chapter one. It ended up being a little shorter than I expected, a trait likely to be shared by the next two establishing chapters. I'll be reworking some of the layout for the next chapter, so the first page of Chapter 2 will be delayed. This saturday with be the cover for chapter 2, and the first page of chapter 2 will be published next saturday, skipping next wednesday to give me some time to work out some kinks.

Thanks everyone for reading!
More Updates to come
Sorry again for the delay in pages, Taxes and getting a new cord for my computer slowed me down this past week. There'll be two more updates today, and I'll be caught up by wednesday!
Second double post
Another double-post, as promised.

Thanks for reading!
As Promised
As promised, Page 09. Pages 10 and 11 are set for Wednesday of next week!

Thanks for reading!
Unannounced Hiatus!
Sorry for my brief unannounced hiatus!
I was dealing with some stuff in my personal life and getting some things straightened out, so as an apology, there will be TWO pages released on each release day until the difference has been made up! I'll try to be more communicative in the future!

Thanks for reading!!
I realized I hadn't actually posted a cover for the comic yet as a page, so here ya go :3
Page 5
Trying out some more simple techniques for screen tones that I thought about while reading Manga (specifically the Soul Eater Manga). I'd be more than happy to hear feedback!

Thanks for reading!
Page 4
Meet Micah and Zion, the first of our new cast of Weapon/Meister pairs.
Early release
Okay, sorry, I know I said this page was coming saturday, but I had some time to finish the screen tones, so here you go, page 2-3 of the comic. I'll revise the schedule to reflect my eagerness XD

Thanks for Reading!!
Page 01
Alright! First page! I'm still figuring out the screentones, and a program that's different than I typically work in, so bare with me!
After this point I will be attempting to post two times a week, on Wednesday and Saturday each week. Next week's page will be a two-page spread. in these instances, the full spread will be released at once on saturday. Stay tuned! more detailed schedule to come! Thanks for reading!!
P1 Cover
I'm planning on coloring this page in the near future, but It's a good place to start. Hopefully I'll start uploading pages in the next couple days.
Putting an end to both Chapter 1 and my Hiatus
So, after moving in to my new place and forking out money for a new tablet after my previous one stopped working for me (my own fault for buying off-brand), I'm finally getting back into the swing of it all. Thanks everyone for reading! We'll be back next week for Our first glimpse of Cadence's journey.

(Ps. This one's a bit late cuz reasons, but next week we'll be back to our wednesday mid-afternoon schedule. )
Hiatus is over
Thanks for everyone's patience while I was on hiatus. I am now moved into my new place, and excited to continue on this little adventure. Thanks for viewing everyone.
Sorry for the delay on this and last week's page. I am in the process of moving from my previous living arrangement to a more permanent one. It's all very stressful and time-consuming. But I'll be better for it when the dust settles. In light of this, there will most likely not be a page next week. Thanks for your understanding.
A day late and a dollar short
I posted on the facebook page that there would be no page last week, but I neglected to post it here on the news. I apologize. This week's page is a day late, mainly out of laziness, but also because last week was really intense work-wise, and it set me back in all of my projects. I should be caught up by next week. Thanks for reading!!

Ps. My second Webcomic has been uploaded to ! ure/list?title_no=65175
If you'd like to stop by and see my second project, please feel free to do so!
And another.
On time.
Another page I finished over the last few months while being unable to finish them. I hope I'm getting a little better at this.
Back again
Wasn't able to do much art, much less scan pages for the last few months, but I plan to return with force. I'm going to start updating this comic every Wednesday. Please tune in. Thanks, guys.