I'm a double major (business management & art), an aspiring cartoonist, and an avid shark enthusiast. I'm also a huge fan of cats, breakfast, summer, the color pink, and running.

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August 14th, 2017
introvert vs extrovert, Round One
"backwash baby"
pika's tongue sticking out, reblog if you agree
alex will never pass up on food, you guys. never.
finally in the double digits :') im just excited that things will finally start getting interesting (intros are literally the wORST)

ALSO a huuuge thank you to the 100+ people who added Sunkissed to their favs!!!!!
alex, it really wasn't that funny

If you weren't already aware, I have a Patreon where you can get early access to pages for as little as $1 (or just read the entire chapter for $15!!) There are also some neato Goal Rewards like extra mini comics and double updates ;)) Check it out!!
juuuuust a heads up, if you have the tapas app you can leave tips on this comic! (I’m sure every other artist has already shoved this info in your face bUT) all you need is the app and the ability to press play on a few videos to earn (FREE) coins which you can pass onto artists (for FREE) which translates to REAL money for them!! it's an easy way to show some love to the creators who work so hard to bring readers awesome content <3 :')

and probs the more important thing to add: for every 25,000 coins I receive, I’ll post something extra that Friday!! rewards will vary from mini comics to Q&A's to bonus updates, and they'll be posted here in addition to Tapastic ;))

(oh, total side note, but thanks so much to the almost 100 people who have added this comic to their favorites!!!!)
@Jashi: thank you!! (lol dont tell anyone, but he's my fav too 👀 |'D )
@M-24: it's actually Hawaiian (albeit spelled incorrectly;;) and translates to "welcome"!

and it's fixed now, but for whatever reason i always replace the K with a C even tho the letter c doesnt exist in the written hawaiian language :')
Your skin is... pale white, and ice cold. I know what you are.

Say it... out loud. Say it.

@deee45: ohmygosh, thank you!! <3 (that'll happen soon-ish lol)
stephen, internally: do I tell him….do I tell him that’s his boss
oh my god....they're finally in the same room ;o;
ya gotta love moms
@Terrafire32: lmao he would if he could tbh
@Ralend: ahhh yeah, it's about time :'D

thank you!!
[insert montage music here]

this sadly concludes the week of daily updates. from here on out, updates happen every Monday (but you can always check my art blog, twitter, and/or patreon for extras while you wait!)

PS if you really want more, you could always support my patreon to get anywhere from one page to one chapter ahead of public updates. (not to mention-- one of my goals is to start doing double updates!!) it's p sweet, u should check it out ;>

seriously though, thank you all for an incredible first week! your support means everything <3
You actually get to play “spot the main character” in that last shot bc I gave my children Anime Hair :)
can u spot the cameos lmao