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Name: ^^ Noir, coffee, or Hikari will do.

Height: 5 foot 5 1/2 inches.

Occupation: student and aspiring artist/author

Race: Caucasian. (mixed with a lot of things, actually, but I don't feel like putting them all down here >>)

Favorite food: Coffee, Fucking Tacos, cheesecake, lobser bisque, steak, tea, pizza, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Favorite anime/manga: Naruto, Death Note, Inuyasha, Tsubasa, Yugioh, Fullmetal Alchemist and some others I can't remember...

Favorite pass-times: Drawing, internet, reading fanfics, reading other junk, and talking with my friends.

Favorite color: Blue ^w^
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I think this may be unanimous but... I fucking love Hiddy~ He's wonderful even if he is a major asshat.
fffff ouo
There is a reason that this comic is in the top ten.~ *flapflap*
Ufufufu, and a very happy turkey day to you too! c:
Serud! I missed you~
yes, serud, and saying that doesn't make clear AT ALL that you're a flaming poufter to him now does it?

in other words, he's adorable. I love him and wish to hug him endlessly.

Time to bring out the harcore partying now~ We missed you, dear. Now try not to die again, that was very depressing that it happened.
but oh well, your choice.
XD you're brilliant amiko. Here you had me thinking that her Dorr was going to be a dude. I love this comic, its so original!~ ;3; I promise I'll do some fanart for you soon~
aww~ he's so cute, If I ate him he'd give me diabetes, though ;3; <3333
XD ah, andre you silly silly boy. I love you.
"Murdoc's gonna be a mommy?" aw, that'd be cute... and strange. <333 I can't wait until the next chapter~
:"D and thus spidey turned over to the other side of the rainbow
(we should've known from the spandex)

xD happy halloween Kitsune. hope you have a good one
hoshi- I haven't commented on here in forever =A=;;;; OTLOTL

I've got to agree with Jelly. You shouldn't really post/draw until you're really feeling it and are comfortable with your artings. A breather sounds like a good idea for you anyway, like a time to sleep or something.
DDDD: WRYYY have i not found this before!? its sexyawesome~ and I look forward for more. <333 the simple, yet detailed Everything is awesome looking... for seriously.
lol. I love "Janet's" snrk face, its awesome. I imagine cops wouldn't bother vince with all he's done :"D <333 another wonderful page.

the other story you were talking about sounds pretty interesting. :D I'll look!~
8D <333
Vincent Price, what a lovely name for a scientist of his calibur. ilu.
like Robin said ^^; its Gravitation.
hoshit. all of these rocky jokes <3333
its great.
D: omigad. that is the scariest person... ever.
-whimpers- I'll never look at walruses the same

on other news, other than my morbid fear of walruses now, Scorch is purely awesome~
wow, o_o I beleived it, too.

-shakes a fist at the invisible critic-
I thought the same thing when I read naruto o_0 its freaky. I like the new style, but honestly I like the old one better - I do enjoy seeing what they really look like though. ^^
-inhales air- thank god. D: that was scary, i was seriously crying before

but yay for april fools. ^^
:D haha, I do the same thing... except I try to devour my alarm clock.