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future super hero born in Germany

loves girls, video games and banana milk. But mostly girls. Really, girls are amazing.
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I'm trying to force myself to draw faster but Pokemon Red is so tempting

I love Peri she's so cute isnt she??

Thanks for reading everyone love you ;^)
Hi, I'm an idiot and forgot to upload this!
This comic is slowly becoming better and better in quality. Now I only need to update more regularly...
Look at this page. It's so pretty. I'm so happy with the style right now oh my goodness.
I finished this page 2 weeks ago... totally forgot to upload...
also, I'm not 100% satisfied with the style yet, so I'm experimenting a bit as you can see.
January 21st, 2016
I can't believe it took me so long to update again!! It'll get better now!!
December 2nd, 2015
I know, last time I updated was 2 months ago, but life happened and suddenly all my time and motivation was gone! But now I'm back and ready to draw ;^)
@Komics-Maker: Every story needs a bit of ~drama~
@Komics-Maker: A beautiful photo for a beautiful family.
@Komics-Maker: I'm pretty new to smackjeeves so yeah, probably... I don't know how to do that though :'^)
September 28th, 2015
Aren't the posters lovely? I think it's pretty obvious what I'm referencing haha. Also, Country of Craft craft anyone?!?!
September 14th, 2015
I realized handwriting the text takes me longer than drawing a whole page so I decided to type it hohoho. I changed the previous pages too.
September 2nd, 2015
@matthewftw123: thank you!!
1st page
Oh my dear it's happening!!