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A cool friend and an even cooler frenemy.
Mars B. is an indie game dev from the boonies of Indiana, where they spend a lot of time doing poses in the mirror when not hard at work daydreaming.
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if you ever make merch for together at the end, the last panel with the boys' hands and "it might work out this time" would be absolutely killer
new reader here! i just wanted to say i love love together at the end so far :')
reading? in MY webcomic?
... wait this is what im doing anyway
this really comes off like a real document spire, you've done a wonderful job!!! :D
so many twists and turns! this comic is a regular pretzel!!! its really wild to think we're onto chapter 4 already!!! you've worked so hard spire, i hope the con (and the buffer building!) goes well!!
(lemme know what one of them cards costs anyway since theres no way i can make it to the con B) )
i can't believe spire confirmed that all fire pokers can be used to channel your attribute, not unlike wands for wizards/witches/other magical beings
@spiremint: I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE ACADEMY... i don't even remember the comment but i'm glad past me was onto something
kalo you gotta get ON the ball... keep an eye on the ball.... have a ball....... (hits cymbals, drums myself out of the building)
kalo didnt you learn anything from the one month of soccer practice everyone had in like 2nd grade
i never knew the best way to make friends was to blackmail them into soccer... i've been doing it the HARD WAY all this time !!!
let's make some new frien- OH THEYRE ALL WEIRD TOO
doc looks like he's having a BALL while kalobs on a ROLL (hits cymbals)
my poor son ;A; on the bright side he can now win any argument he ever gets in with his muting power
November 27th, 2015
November 19th, 2015
i feel like kalo always looks that lost in any given photo. school pictures, holiday card family portraits: hes probably always got that lost puppy face going on xp

(also holy shit i love kate... those tiny bunny nails are so cute!!!! )
November 12th, 2015
i love the expressions on this page holy shit- those must have been a ton of fun to draw!!! also kate is so cute wtf... wtf...
whoa regina's hair is so long :O i wonder if thats part of her magical power lol

btw i hope you're feeling better soon spire!!
there he goes, the most beautiful man in the world
i guess kalob must be wondering what the FAC is going on (hits cymbals)
im really excited about this surprising soothing colour word magic though :0 whoa!!
finally, kalo the menace is put into cutie jail where he belongs