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Glad to see this again!
Been a while, but I'm still just as interested as ever to see where this goes. :)
Also, that's one heck of a social anxiety visual representation, especially with the text "shaking" more and more. Looks great!
Oh, okay, so Pink eyes are completely normal, yet vampires are completely out of the question? Yeesh, double standards much? :P

Also, case of the mysterious disappearing scar~
These feels...
... I know all of them...
Ahhh... that walk of shame into a class-in-progress. I know it well, having moved a lot during my Middle and High School years.
Also, Tom Fletcher, huh? Not a super interesting name, I suppose we'll have to see if the name matches the person behind it. ;P
Aaaand... to contrast my previous comments...
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! <3
*peers closer*
Is... that a scar? Huh.
@ToxicBreeze: Amen to that! -shot-

Anyways, yeah, I've known of Dark ever since you drew a page for Dark & Breeze on your DA, and have actually been in touch with him since, helping to proofread and correct the writing for his TPP Tumblr as well as the occasional Dark & Breeze on his DA. Which remids me, I kinda have a backlog on those, since I was away for a month. Whoops! XD

And yeah, while the bubbles here are a bit large, that doesn't mean that's the wrong way to do it. Many good Webcomic artists know how to manipulate text bubbles to better suit the tone of the text. Large ones that press against the borders to signify loud, obnoxious monologues, (which is kinda what the ones in this page give off) spiky ones to accentuate yelling, extremely small ones to signify mumbling/muttering, the list goes on. Hell, I've even seen them used as censors in a nude scene once. So all in all, experiment! Have fun with it! With a dialogue-heavy web-comic, you have plenty of time to refine your style. ;)

And please, a book? Trust me, you're fine, that's NOTHING compared to what I've written in the past. -shot- (again)
Oh Come On...
First page of the comic and you're starting with a History Class? BOOORING! :P

In all seriousness though, you're off to a good start. I love your style, and it translates to comics perfectly. Great job showing the student's character traits, by the way. They haven't said a single word, yet I can already tell the bookworm apart from the class clown and the goth apart from the prima donna from their posture and attire alone. Well done.

There is one thing in particular that I think need be brought up, that being the poster on the cork-board. It just looks... SO out of place, what with everything having an outline except for it. Plus, the pixilation as well as the skew being off makes it an obvious photoshop. I would suggest refraining from photoshopping in assets, or if you really want/need to to, working a bit more on masking it to the rest of the comic. (perhaps tracing them rather than simply pasting them in would help them look less out of place? just a thought)
Apart from that, the dialogue bubbles seem to take up more real-estate than they really need to, so if you want more room to add detail in the future, making them a bit smaller won't sacrifice readability much, if at all.

Overall, very strong start, and I can't wait to see where you take this! ;)