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Issue 15 Page 25
Time to warn the guard so they DON'T try to fight back.
Issue 15 Page 24
Everything Burns. Burn Everything.
Issue 15 Page 23
Sisari's a goddamn voyeur.
Issue 15 Page 22
She mad.
Issue 15 Page 21
This is personal.
Issue 15 Page 20
To be fair, no one wants to follow on the heels of destruction.
Issue 15 Page 19
Time for some exposition!
Issue 15 Page 18
Beans spilled.
Issue 15 Page 17
Endy gets hot for Niixa.
Issue 15 Page 16
Pretty sure neither of them are pleased with the outcome.
Issue 15 Page 15
"I dunno, Niixa, that sounds a little ... destructive."
Issue 15 Page 14
Niixa has figured out the puppy eyes.
Issue 10 Page 85
Don't think that's what Endy meant, Lore.
Issue 15 Page 13
That seemed like the perfect coffee cup for Endy to have hanging around.

If you like the mug, I've made it a real one on Redbubble: tyle=standard&asc=u
Issue 15 Page 12
Gruff actually seems concerned for once.
Issue 15 Page 11
Getting Gruffed up.
Issue 15 Page 10
Guess Endy doesn't take compliments very well.
@Neolancer: I don't know why that's become such a topic. It was the first three numbers of my childhood phone number, but based on the comments I'm getting from furries, it has something to do with some kind of furry porn site?

I'm not going to change the number just because some people seem to think it's porn related.
Issue 15 Page 8
Niixa might underestimate her strength just a tad these days.
Issue 15 Page 9
Role Reversal