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Issue 13 Page 18
Maybe they can sneak out the back.
Issue 13 Page 17
They fight like they're married.
Issue 13 Page 16
Endy's tired and has a headache. He doesn't feel like it right now.
Issue 13 Page 15
Gruff's not gonna like that.
Issue 13 Page 14
How rude of Gruff to just disappear like that, and not stick around for Niixa's asskicking.
Issue 13 Page 13
Niixa is Kaerwyn's best breakdancer. She dances. You break.
Issue 13 Page 12
Niixa is NOT done.
Issue 13 Page 11
It's not even his final form.
Issue 13 Page 10
Endy looks pretty good, considering.
Issue 13 Page 9
...But they're done with Niixa.
Issue 13 Page 8
Niixa is not done with them yet...
Issue 13 Page 7
Niixa finally got the garbage.
Issue 13 Page 6
Niixa to the rescue.
Issue 13 Page 5
Endy's in trouble. Again.

I managed to sneak in another cameo on this page, right behind a gasping Endy is Sorien's skunklady!

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Issue 13 Page 4
Endy's still just ready to go.

We have Patreon Cameos on this page!

The fellow in green is Ivellior for Homedragon
The piggy fellow is Pride for Ealadubh
And the woman behind the pig is Karen for Paul Revere.

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Issue 13 Page 3
Their very own pet snektre.
Issue 13 Page 2
Oh those two...
Issue 13 - Rites of Blood
Time to start the next issue! Hopefully Issue 13 won't be bad luck for Kaerwyn.
Issue 20 Page 47
Yeah, that doesn't look like it feels very good.

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Kaerwyn Q&A Page 24
Such a weird question. But Endy is happy to answer!