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Issue 11 Page 63 - The End
And the end. I know that probably wasn't the most exciting Issue. I ended up cutting it early well I have my reasons, and my patrons know what those are. Speaking of patrons...

As always, the Kaerwyn Comic only exists because of the kind donations of readers like you. The top sponsors are listed at the bottom of the page. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to make this comic.

Also, as a reminder, I take time off between comic issues so I can get ready for the next one. I suspect the next comic will be available in about two weeks.
@Guest: It's bound to happen since you can't see the comic page on their uploader.
Issue 11 Page 62
Niixa uses her most powerful weapon of all - the puppy eyes.
Issue 11 Page 61
You can't deny that look, Endy.
Issue 11 Page 60
Endy and Renard are like oil and water. If the oil were on fire.
Issue 11 Page 59
Renard don't like no wizards.
Issue 11 Page 58
It's the same difference.
Issue 11 Page 57
Endy appreciates a good joke.
Issue 11 Page 56
Niixa is Savage.

Anyway, we have some cameos! They're all in the center panel:

Nodge, Procene, Sorien and Greyfade's Naomi.

Patron Cameos are only available to $10+ Patreon subscribers
Issue 11 Page 55
I hear it's a real gas.
Issue 11 Page 54
Endy puts a lot of faith in the signmaker.
Issue 11 Page 53
He definitely deserved that one.
Issue 11 Page 52
All for you, Niixa.
Issue 11 Page 51
Oh shit, he's gone.
Issue 11 Page 50
I decided to try painting the shading on this one instead of the usual gradient method. This was more relaxing, but I don't think it looks as good and crisp.
Issue 11 Page 49
Issue 11 Page 48
That's our Endy, always going too far.
Issue 11 Page 47
Tap on. Tap off. The Tapper.
Issue 11 Page 46
Behold! The ugliest Christmas ornaments you ever did see.
Issue 11 Page 45
At least Endy's not eating from the dumpster this time.