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Issue 13 Page 78 - The End
The Beginning of the End-y.

As always, the Kaerwyn Comic only exists because of the kind donations of readers like you. The top sponsors during the run of this issue are listed at the bottom of the page. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to make this comic.

Also, as a reminder, I take time off between comic issues so I can get ready for the next one. Because the end of this issue coincides with the busy holiday season, I might not be able to start Kaerwyn again until after the new year. I will probably be posting some fillers for my Patrons in the meantime, so if you want to see some Kaerwyn related activity, feel free to sub to my Patreon page! You only need to sub $1 and it helps me out a ton!
Issue 13 Page 77
Ahkiketa likes to start her mornings with a nice cup of Endy.
Issue 13 Page 76
Cutting remarks.
Issue 13 Page 75
Shhh, Sekrit.*

*This is kind of an in-joke among the Kaerwyn RPers. They'll know where this is from.
Issue 13 Page 74
Bet that smells awful.
Issue 13 Page 73
She has a very trusting face.
Issue 20 Page 50
Here's that last page I owed you guys, this is also the end of Issue 20!

Black Tapestries only updates when the Patreon Goal is met: This is the third of three pages owed for meeting a special October 2018 goal.

So thank my patrons for allowing BT to continue. Subscribe now (just $1) and you'll get to see the Start of Issue 21. (As of this posting)
Issue 13 Page 72
Will Endy's pleading work? I guess we'll find out next time...

Unfortunately this is where I have to cut the comic off before we make our big move. Next week (Nov 2018), we'll start moving into a house (finally no more apartment!). Unfortunately, this means I can't work on the comic during that time. I felt this was a good page to stop on, as it was kinda cliffhangery.

I don't know how long it will take to set up internet, but I hope to get back to work sometime in mid-novemberish. Then keep in mind I'll be taking some time off for Xmas and to work on issue 14. I'm *hoping* that I can finish this issue so that I can take time off for Xmas and Issue 14 at the same time and not impact you guys so much with a lack of updates.

Anyway, I will see you guys on the flipside.
Issue 20 Page 49
Don't call me "honey".
Issue 13 Page 71
I'd like to say that Endy's going to whip those werewolves around helicopter style, but we all know that ain't gonna happen.
Issue 13 Page 70
She still has a thing for his abs, I guess.
Issue 13 Page 69
Oh. Guess she was Niixa. Emphasis on 'was'.
Issue 20 Page 48
Lore's so gullible.
Issue 13 Page 68
Curse your inevitable betrayal.
Issue 13 Page 67
Blind Determination
Issue 13 Page 66
I'm pretty sure if you distrust someone for their eyecolor, that's bigotry. But I think we'll give a pass on Endy just this once.
Issue 13 Page 65
Someone always rushes in and saves Endy at the last minute.
Issue 13 Page 64
Yeah, that's gotta sting.
Issue 13 Page 63
Oh no, watch your back!
Issue 13 Page 62
Hiding in holes worked for him on Kaerwyn.