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Issue 12 Page 60
And Niixa puts her foot down.
Issue 12 Page 59
Endy puts his foot down.
Issue 12 Page 58
Once you pop, you can't stop.
Issue 12 Page 57
Time to trap it!
Issue 12 Page 56
It's a pyromantic embrace.
Issue 12 Page 55
Look! An obvious distraction!
Issue 12 Page 54
To err is human; to forgive, divine.
Issue 12 Page 53
Bold move, Endy.
Issue 20 Page 45
Looks like Friendship isn't very effective.

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Issue 12 Page 52
Endy just wants to talk it out!
Oh good, they got away.
Issue 12 Page 50
Maybe it wasn't a good idea afterall.
Issue 12 Page 49
...and suffers the fallout.
Issue 12 Page 48
Endy drops the bomb...
Issue 12 Page 47
Wait for it...
Issue 12 Page 46
Technically, being frustrated is an emotional state.
Issue 12 Page 45
Let's wreck some shit!
Issue 12 Page 44
Niixa's making eyes while the rest are making plans.
Issue 12 Page 43
At least Niixa wasn't voluntold.
Issue 19 Page 31
You guys may have noticed a sudden, stark change in art between the last page and this one. That's because, if you notice the copyright date, there was a 7 year gap between those pages. I had stopped updating BT for a while, and finally got back into making it.

That being said, during that time, I fleshed out the world/characters/setting a bit more. So there might be some inconsistencies between the older pages and the current pages. I recognize this as a fault of mine. I originally wanted to reboot BT so those inconsistencies could be properly ironed out, but I simply do not have time to redraw 800 pages. So chalk this up to progress.

BT at this point updates once a month, based on Patreon donations. If the BT goal is not met, it will not update. I simply cannot afford to create it when time has to go to Commissions to pay the bills instead.