Issue 11 Page 44
Endy can relate to your average college educated Millennial.

Also I managed to sneak in a Cameo for Lauren Rivers. I believe this character's name was Topaz

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Issue 11 Page 43
Endy is trying to find new ways to avoid getting a real job.
Issue 11 Page 42
I think I nailed that Mc-McMuffin egg color.
Issue 11 Page 41
Poor Endy has terrible luck.
Issue 11 Page 40
That's our Endy! Capable of falling while sitting.
Issue 11 Page 39
Well, now, this scene looks familiar!
Issue 11 Page 38
Admittedly, I'm a little disappointed that the angles I used didn't really show how crappy the apartment is, but there will be more time for that.
Issue 11 Page 37
I think both of them are pretty flustered at this point.
Issue 11 Page 36
Endy never lets Niixa have any fun.
Issue 11 Page 35
That's one way to end an argument.

We have Patron cameos in this one! In the top panel, we have Nousagi for Lutris, Karen for Paul Revere 1991, Weston (in the Doge shirt) for West and Richard (Hawk Shirt) for Arrow.

In the second panel, Richard and Weston are talking about Endy and Niixa, while VGR's Raccoon (I don't think I got his name) and Kris Cheetah take a stroll through town.

Character cameos are only available to $10+ Patreon patrons.
Issue 11 Page 34
This isn't gonna make her any less pissed at you, Endy.
Issue 11 Page 33
He ded.
Liek so ded.
Issue 11 Page 32
Issue 11 Page 31
She's so fluffy!
Issue 11 Page 30
Introducing Poodle-cut Niixa.
Issue 11 Page 29
The little things make all the difference.
Issue 11 Page 28
Endy is not a fan of math.
Issue 11 Page 27
Endy is displeased.
Issue 11 Page 26
No more shirtless Endy.
Issue 11 Page 25
The Big Reveal.