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Artist enjoys coffee, horror movies, and the scent of lilac. Life-long art and fiction-writing hobbyist, but seeking to improve in what ways I can.
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@clemcat: I'm actually still in the program, just now that the holiday season is over and my retail job won't suck so hard, I can focus on creative projects.
(you have no idea how much i enjoy seeing other people use the word shitlord)
Well, it's been like two months since I even opened smackjeeves, but here I am again. As you can see by all the (fake) gore above, there, I've been a lil busy. I'm having literally the best time of my life in a special effects makeup program, and it's kept me pretty preoccupied, but I wanted to share with you some recent works that I'm pretty proud of.

I've gotten a fair amount of messages asking me not to abandon Nick and West, sooooooooo yeah! Hopefully, once I relearn how to draw/write my own characters (have not drawn a thing in the last two months) I'll be back at it.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Also, hope no one is offended by the sudden blood and guts. Also, feel free to follow my instagram there if you want to see more blood and guts on the daily.
@potatoe1988: Thank you for noticing my favorite thing about this page
Brynn is my spirit crouton.
Like really though, thank you all. Glad to see everyone's enjoying my boys so far. (there will also be ladies. eventually. stay tuned.)

Edit- after the picture has been posted
Me: "oh, shit. Forgot to shade West's hands."
Boyfriend: "It's okay. They're just pale because he keeps them in his pockets. ...and up other people's butts."
Me: "..."
@martathecat102: THANKS. Those are definitely hickeys. oho~ so much for a virginal protagonist. (don't tell West he's not exactly the protagonist. it'll crush him.)
@YukixKaname1: Cole has excellent/terrible timing. - I expressly warned everyone about pop culture references in the comic description. Only gets worse from here.
November 9th, 2015
literally waiting for senpai to notice him
Seeking a colorist collaborator
Guess who got too frustrated to actually shade the comic? hhahahahahaahahhahcrying

Related note, if I happen to have any readers who enjoy digital coloring...*shimmies in the hopes of enticing you* message me. Please. I hate coloring and this looks like garbage. Somebody help me.
November 7th, 2015
The addition of sparkles in any scene is evidence of pure brilliance
The background action of playing with the cuffs is great
I think the simple background is really effective here. Makes the moment more intimate between them, and really pushes the (hopefully not one-sided) sexual tension.
LOSING MY SHIT. get outta there Castiel you don't even go here.
That's it, Arco, you hold your crouton close
@DreamGazerT: Nick and Cap are basically Team Boyscout.
Happy Halloween!
Never talk to Nick about Captain America unless you want to see a grown man fight back fanboy tears.
October 26th, 2015
October 26th, 2015
@raephium: Thanks for the feedback! Maybe this new page looks so different to me because I know I actually went into the coloring process with a plan instead of just slapping color down, haha.
October 26th, 2015
This page comes with a few new things - new character, new font, and new coloring style. Honestly, I colored this page 3 times before deciding to just learn cell shading. How's it look?

-----Excuses for my hiatus below-----

Sorry for my disappearance! I've officially started a special effects makeup program and between that and work, I'm so busy literally all the time. But! I don't start my next class until December so, between work and finishing up my final, I'll be able to squeeze out pages without, yknow, an entire month in between.

(and if you're interested in donating to my school fund [which would mean I wouldn't have to work as much, which means more updates] I do have a gofundme!]) You can also follow me on instagram to see my makeup ventures: @daniblanchette
@potatoe1988: then ejects himself through the ceiling