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I LOVE Anime and Manga and drawing!!
Ive recently got into reading comics on smack jeeves and its got me into yaoi XP
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'Zak said'
Jesus, i dunno why everyone believes everything he says...

Thnx for the update!!
OOOhhh i cant wait for chapter three!!!
Awww soo cute!
I love this comic.
OMG thankyou so much for this chunk of updates!!! <33
thank ya!!!
Thanks for the update! Love this one!
Wow, i love it!
So Cute <3
And thankyou very much for the update!
Lovely page <3
Thanks for the updatttte!! =)
Ooooh, i can wait to see what happens. Love your comic!! You are a brilliant artist, and i love the panel with bo's eye, and the ba- bump. Squeeeee. <3
Wow, brilliant page X3, it would be great if you updated, but i dont mean to rush you, cause its your comic X3
You're such a great artist, keep it uppp!
Love this page, love this comic, and all your others X3
Woah, it makes me chuckle how liam says he is nervous out right. Love your work <3
Damn i really feel for kai, but i shouldn't cause he killed her parents..
Thats, strange, i thought i clicked back or something, because i was just reading one of her comics. Nontheless, this is a beautiful piece of fan-art, desu~!
Saw this on DA and guess what? BRILLIANT as always! Keep it up Cam-chan XDDD
I cant wait for the next update you and your comics are the best!
How many others are in this school other than that family thing
Hey Cam-chan! I cant wait to read this manga and ive been exited since you put the cover and details on deviantArt. Also Dont rush or anything on Spin the bottle take all the time you need im sure everyone will wait, right? And good luck in your finals (doesnt know what finals are we dont have them in england ^^;)
Really?? Im looking forward to it ^__^
I totaly love your comic i read it all today!!! Im gonna fave it and i cant wait for more!!