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A lone fangirl trying to make her own shoujo comics. I live in the Mitten State AKA Michigan. My favorite color is red and I have a fear of Mayflies.
Love the art. Can't wait to see how this develops ^_^
So much...emotion...I can't even...T_T
I've had this page here for a while and while I still wanna put one up for Arin, I feel that I can't keep the story stopped So I'm sorry for that.

Excuse my shitty drawing Q_Q
OMG I love Asato's face XD This whole page made me happeh <3<3<3
Might be a bit big for the site. I'll have to see.

A picture of Arin cause I haven't drawn him in a while <3
AxM ftw
Too cute to leave ya'll hanging on this one. I dunno when I'm gonna get this computer again so I figured I'd show ya what I was drawing on it.
Eloise's glasses magically disappeared too XD
Poor Eloise. Blaze'll be playing hard to get but I'm sure he'd follow a trail of roses to the classroom hehe
Don't drop anything Blaze!
I know right <3 Mahina makes me a very happy fangirl haha
I drew this a while ago. I coulda swore I put it uphere but apparently I forgot. Old news if you watch my DA but new to PA here haha
Your donation wallpaper preview made my jaw drop. Somehow I didn't see Hidukul bottoming.

Totally donating when I get paid on Friday XD I'm a horrible person. OTL
Been dabbling in plushie making so I decided to start with the PA gang.

Each person choose one of your characters and I'll totally make you a plushie for Xmas. :3 (Must be a current active member of PA)

His clothes come off btw ;) He has a gem on his chest hehe

Without his blindfold:
Blaze's butt's drawn cute X3 This whole thing made me grin. Now Post the one you did for meeeee! :D
Woo hoo! Bout time XD

Tommy's face in the 3rd panel makes him look like a rapist XD I love it! <3
I agree with Limpet haha Veto power X3

Tommy looks soooo caring it's adorable. Stop cockblocking Tommy Dake and let him make ya feel good XD
oh don't OTL XD This is nice. Actually in my opinion, we need more risque stuff. We're supposed to be rated M for mature for crying out loud haha
Uh oh somebody's got a frowny face in that last panel XD <3 Tommy

I love how they both want it but it's sooo awkward XD

My only other comment is, is tommy supposed to be looking at Dake in panel 4 or the wall? Cause to me it looks like he's staring above Dake's head haha
my jaw dropped when I read this page XD
OMG it's sooooo cute X3 I wanna squeeze it but it'd probably bite me and then I'd die rofl
Tommy's tongue reminds me of Gene Simmons haha
That looks like it hurts. But it'd be really funny if he was masochistic and enjoyed that sort of thing. He is a little violent so I wouldn't be surprised XD Little cocktease rofl