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plumpy torchic
September 26th, 2017
Come to the dark side my boy
once again, he has proven to be my favorite character u.u
Lucy for president u.u
I probably should have commented earlier, but this comic has passed from "very funny (I guess)" to "pure gold".
If before I loved Basil now I love more Davi!
You've gone far man!
Now, back to reading!
that pictured blaziken is like super cool!
there is an Unown translator?
that's the best explanation ever! you're a genius!
Oh come on! you know we'll keep waitin' for you no matter what :)
I'm sorry for your lost, I know it can be hard when a pet dies :(
ehm, hello... I started reading this comic just this afternoon and... I just wanted to say that... YOU DRAW AND COLOR BRILLANTLY! AND THE STORY IS ANSOME!!!!! >-< :3
You're great u.u
(ps. take your time to publish, we'll be here waitin' for you ;3)