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@MorgLeFay: I should've come back and mentioned this sooner and I'm sorry for not doing that. As Solar said the reason we haven't had an update is because of my ridiculous college life. I get off in a few weeks and once that happens we will continue updates.
Got a new computer and printer/scanner. This scanner picks more details, makes everything grayish. I also lost the font I was using when I switched computers. woops.
Sorry for the lack of updates. End of school year means all the teachers give our work at once.
Sorry for only one page this time, I've been really busy.
@MorgLeFay: I did because ughhhhh (I know how you feel, how does shading even work!?)
Sorry for the late update Snowmageddon limited some of my time, and then my internet went out update day.
@MorgLeFay: Thank you for all of your amazing comments! It's really nice to hear that this isn't total trash
Sorry for the late update! Holiday season is always stressful and busy.
@MorgLeFay: Thank you for all the nice things you always have to say!
@MorgLeFay: Glad to here that!
I shaded the shadows traditionally in the last page and digitally in this page.

Which one looks better?
@MorgLeFay: I wasn't quote sure if that tumble would be any good, but I'm glad to hear that it wasn't totally bad!
@MorgLeFay: I'm glad to hear that this is already starting to look better!
@MorgLeFay: Glad to here this is working out better!

I went back and re-uploaded the other pages to have speech bubble like this. Thanks for the help you've been!
@MorgLeFay: Thank you so much for your advice!

I've been informed by others that the text can be hard to read as well, and I've been trying to find ways to fix that problem. (I might look into some ways to digitally add in the text so people can read it).

I'm glad you like the sketchiness! I hope that it won't become make it hard to understand the scenes.