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Are there any comments yet? Or am I the first?
@42Meep: He had it before in the "Ordering Pizza" chapter.
Yay, a new Umbreon!
Congrats on graduating!
Background Eevee Cobalt
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Silvie, and Glacey rules!
@GlitteringEevee943: Vaporeon is obviously afraid of Glaceon's most powerful move... Flail!
Is Devin like that around all female eevee, or is it just Eve that has that effect on him?
@Darkstar29: Maybe he's like that all the time when he's not around Eve and just doesn't want her to know. Or something.
@Wolfmist: Which may be why Devin is so "different". His good side affects him more because he can actually see it.
I found my original Pokemon Blue game! Yay!
@DeathUmbreon: I know! Team Eevee and Mudkip that came all the way from Red Rescue Team have been benched since Gates to Infinity, so I guess I'll have to take pikachu and snivy again (or maybe I'll be fennekin)
Also @Pinkeevee222 do you have to digitally draw a background eevee you're going to submit or can it be pencil and paper?
I'm also really excited for the Pokemon super mystery dungeon! (You don't know me, but you will soon! Mwa ha ha ha!)